Why a Russell Wilson trade to the Broncos makes sense

Why a Russell Wilson trade to the Broncos makes sense

If the Seattle Seahawks are going to trade for Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos make the most sense as a destination. 

A report came out on Wednesday from NFL insider Jordan Schultz stating Seattle Seahawks  quarterback Russell Wilson would waive his no-trade clause for three teams.

Those teams are the Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and New York Giants.

Seattle is in a tough spot with Wilson, who has one year left on his contract, and the Seahawks have no first-round pick in this year’s upcoming draft. Seattle is currently 4-8 and is sitting at the bottom of the NFC West. Seattle has dropped three-of-four games since Wilson returned from a broken finger. Because of this current slide, the Seahawks are in serious danger of missing the playoffs. It may be time to cut ties with Wilson and hit the reset button.

The named destinations all make sense for possible Wilson destinations, but there is clearly one that is the best option for the one-time Super Bowl champion.

The team that gives Wilson the best chance of competing for a championship is the Denver Broncos. There is no doubt that the Broncos are in need of a signal caller. Teddy Bridgewater has been mostly mediocre this season, despite having plenty of weapons around him to be successful.

Bridgewater has 16 touchdowns and seven interceptions, while compiling 2,775 yards through 12 games. The 29-year-old quarterback has shown unwillingness to air the ball down the field, and has leaned on a strong rushing attack and solidified defense.

The Broncos can be a Super Bowl contender with Russell Wilson

Denver has shown that it will possibly make a move on a quarterback this offseason by locking up key receivers. The Broncos signed Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick to contract extensions. Denver signed Patrick to a three-year, $30 million contract and signed Sutton to a four-year, $60 million.

In addition to securing those two for the foreseeable future, the Broncos have other young talents in tight Noah Fant, receiver Jerry Jeudy, and running back Javonte Williams.

Fant and Jeudy have not popped yet, but they both have shown potential, especially Jeudy. The lack of production from Denver’s receiving core this year comes down to quarterback play. Williams has shown superstar potential so far in his rookie season, and he will be unleashed next season following the expected departure of Melvin Gordon after this season. Wilson would have everything he needs around him, and unlike Bridgewater, he would take advantage of the offensive firepower.

This defense is another compelling piece to this argument. Since the Legion of Boom dismantled, Wilson has had to carry an awful defense for quite a few years now. In Denver, a load of pressure would be taken off his shoulders.

In addition to having a great running game with Williams, this defense will allow Wilson to play with more patience. In Seattle we have seen on a number of occasions, Wilson having to air the ball out to keep his team in the game. With the Broncos, Wilson would not have to play backyard football.

The 33-year-old quarterback can manage his game and pick and choose when he has to make a spectacular play.

When looking at the other options in the Saints and Giants, both of these teams lack what the Broncos offer to Wilson. The Saints’ weapons are overall underwhelming and Michael Thomas has played one game in the last two seasons for New Orleans. Not to mention Thomas and New Orleans are not on the same page after Thomas refused to have surgery earlier in the offseason.

Secondly, the Saints cap  space situation is daunting. Currently, the Saints are projected $61 million over the cap, and limits the team they can build around Wilson. The Seattle quarterback would be entering a very similar situation if he was traded to the Saints.

The Giants are a dumpster fire and have shown no signs of stability for quite some time now. New York has not made the playoffs since 2016. Now, the Giants do have weapons at their disposal. Kenny Golladay signed a four-year, $72 million contract this past offseason.

However, Golladay has been very disappointing this season, posting 26 receptions, 409 yards, and no touchdowns. Kadarius Toney, Sterling Shepard, and Darius Slayton are all solid options with Toney showing he can be stud at the wideout position.

The Giants’ offensive line is truly dreadful, and Wilson would be running for his life behind this porous front line. Daniel Jones has been sacked 24 times through 12 games, and he is an athletic quarterback. Something that Wilson may not want to deal with at this point in his career.

The Broncos are in a much better situation organizationally than the two other teams in this discussion. Denver is literally one piece away from becoming a true contender and that is the quarterback position. If Wilson wants to win and continue to play at a high level, Denver should be the top team on his wish list.

If Denver was to land Wilson this offseason, do not be surprised if the Broncos finish next season on top of the AFC West.

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