With Aaron Rodgers’ future in limbo, should Packers trade for Deshaun Watson?

With Aaron Rodgers’ future in limbo, should Packers trade for Deshaun Watson?

Aaron Rodgers’ future is far from certain after this season. So, should the Packers consider trading for Deshaun Watson while they have the chance?

First off, it’s unknown if Watson would waive his no-trade clause to go to Green Bay. So far, it’s been reported that he would only do so for a trade to South Beach.

But assuming the Miami Dolphins don’t provide the best offer, Watson could make a lot of sense for a Packers team that, for the large part, has the majority of its future roster in place.

Watson has 22 civil counts against him, and a number of sexual assault allegations. That’s holding back many teams from making any sort of godfather offer for him, and it should. But, we’ll operate under the assumption that Brian Gutekunst feels comfortable making a trade for Watson despite all of that — which likely is not a good idea, for what it’s worth.

What would a Packers trade for Deshaun Watson look like?

If the Packers did trade for Watson, they could add a young QB like Jordan Love into the mix since Watson is still just 26 years old. Along with that, a package of 2-3 first-round picks would help sweeten matters as well.

Still, Gutekunst should not make such a trade offer unless he’s comfortable with the status of Watson’s civil trials. Aaron Rodgers is 37 years old, and even should he be done in Green Bay after this season, the Packers did just spend a first-round pick on his replacement.

Rodgers was also just quoted as saying he’s having ‘the time of his life’ with the Packers, in part because he gets to spend time with good friends Randall Cobb and David Bakhtiari.

In short, the Packers should not trade for Watson — at least not at the moment.

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