World of Warships: Legends Update 1.75 Patch Notes Today (December 20)

World of Warships: Legends Update 1.75 Patch Notes Today (December 20)

World of Warships: Legends received a brand new update earlier today (December 20), which included the special holiday update known as ‘Chilling With The Beasts’.

With server maintenance complete on all platforms, and the update officially available to download, there’s plenty of new content for players to check out over the holiday period.

Fans can check out everything they need to know surrounding the December 20 World of Warships: Legends update below, including the official patch notes.

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World of Warships: Legends – Transformers Trailer | PS4



World of Warships: Legends – Transformers Trailer | PS4





World of Warships: Legends ‘Chilling With The Beasts’ Update

Today’s World of Warships: Legends update marks the beginning of the ‘Chilling With The Beasts’ update, which will run for 6 weeks until January 31st. Players can find the update sizes per platform below, as well as a rundown of all the major content included in the holiday update.

Patch Sizes:

Xbox One (S,X) – 2500 MBXbox Series S/X – 2500 MBPS4 – 2500 MBPS5 – 2500 MB

Update Rundown:

Legendary Tier HMS Minotaur is the campaign shipLegendary rentals throughout the UpdateThree Arena seasons to test out those Legendary shipsWindrose bonuses for your ships from day 1Commander guisesA boatload of new skins and camosA special web event to crown the ultimate gifterAnd… more!Before we begin, redeem the code PZ81NKE01C to get yourself some Holiday camos at

The patch notes for the December 20 World of Warships: Legends update can be found further down this article.

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World of Warships: Legends 1.75 Patch Notes

Below you will find the patch notes for the December 20 World of Warships: Legends update, for more details, make sure to visit the games official website.

Theseus’ Bane Campaign

British Legendary cruiser Minotaur is the star of the holiday campaign. The true definition of a heavy hitter, her DPM is significant thanks to how short her reload time is! Minotaur hits hard and fast just like her mythical namesake, despite being limited to AP shells only, and she possesses a very powerful AA suite. With the option to choose between the Smoke Generator and Radar consumables, there are plenty of ways you can support your team effectively!

This is the first time a Legendary ship has been available as the biggest campaign prize, but don’t worry if you end up missing out on getting her! In the first Update of 2022, Minotaur will be waiting for you in the darkest corner of the Bureau… Just don’t forget to bring Ariadne’s thread! 

With Soviet cruiser Stalingrad having recently become available for Global XP, we are not excluding more possible distribution options for Legendary warships in the further Updates.

With 130 milestones over 6 weeks, here’s what you can get: 

Holiday Preparations

Rent-a-ship and roaring Lion

Ever considered trying out that one fancy Legendary ship but didn’t want to abandon the Project you were researching? Well, during the holidays, everything is possible if you want it really bad! Here’s a full list of Legendary Tier ships of all shapes and types available for rent through Store bundles (2,000,000 credits for the entire duration of the Update, until January 31):

Task Force I (available from December 20)

AlaskaShimakazeGroßer KurfürstKhabarovsk

Task Force II (available from January 3)


Task Force III (available from January 17)

Colbert: a bonus ship to spice up the metagame. This also allows us to test her before assigning to the Bureau. Please note that her stats may be changed before she reaches it, depending on how she performs. It’s the first appearance of this Legendary French cruiser named after Jean-Baptiste Colbert, a famous XVII century French statesman. She’s a firestarter if we ever saw one—just think Legendary Tier Atlanta. 

British Tier VII Premium battleship Lion

Largely a development of the King George V class, this battleship is bigger, better armored, and equipped with modern 16-inch (406 mm) guns. Lion handles well and offers solid performance with both shell choices. You can get her for 25,000 Winter Coins. To obtain those:

Complete missions 
It’s worth paying special attention to the Escaping the Labyrinth weekly mission that can be completed playing Minotaur. You can obtain a significant haul of Winter Coins.Redeem Windrose bonuses
Winter Coins are awarded for the first win playing Tier VII Tech Tree ships, as well as Tier VI and Tier VII Premium ships. It works in a similar way to the first win bonus but once in the update.Play, and ideally dominate, Arena
Whoops! Looks like we have just spoiled how you can sport the Legendary ships and get the prizes mentioned in the previous section. Oh well!Acquire specific crate bundles.

Commander guises

With this update, we’re introducing a new type of cosmetic content: Commander guises. They change the appearance of your non-event Commanders and include the following visual effects: a signal flare when you sound your horn, colorful tracers for main battery salvos, and fireworks for Legendary skill activation. Guises are intended to bring more content variety and create a wide array of visual and possibly sound design options in the future.

Holiday Port: London

A nice touch to celebrate Christmas and New Year—a new Port! This time, it’s the London harbor dressed in festive decorations! Don’t forget that there’s a photo mode in the Port—you can activate it by pressing LT/L2.

Winter Gift Flurry web event

A special web event—Winter Gift Flurry—runs from December 20 through January 10. Get ready for gifts, prizes, and a chance to win a competition to become the best Secret Santa of the holiday season by sending presents to other players! Check it out at! For a detailed look, stay tuned for an upcoming dedicated blog post next week. 

New camos and skins

The winter holidays are a time to decorate basically whatever you can see or reach, and warships are no exception! This year, there are loads of new skins and camos for you to try! 

The first batch comes in form of Snow Storm skins for the following ships:


A fair number of themed winter camouflages are in stock as well—both in the Bureau and in the Store. Pick up whichever you like the most! 

Cool Wave:

New YorkFurutakaHawkins T-22Strasbourg

Seal of Winter:


Additionally, more historical Type 9 permanent camos (Grade I), which you can create using spare Paint (75 Paint each), are set to become available for the following ships:




Queen ElizabethKing George VVanguard


Holiday Bureau 2022 

New Year, new Project—makes sense, right? Within the special Holiday Bureau Project, you’ll be able to acquire festive permanent camouflages for Furutaka, T-22, and Normandie; a skin for Vanguard; crates; credits; and more! Make sure to start this Project because it is scheduled to be deprecated right when the next update hits! 

For further details on the December 20 World of Warships: Legends update, including Legendary Arena Season 8,9, and 10, visit the official website.

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