Yoga Poses That Can Hurt Your Back

Yoga Poses That Can Hurt Your Back

Trying to get relief from your back pain or a back injury with yoga Poses? Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, your back pain may get even worse. How so? Some back injuries and pains require you to rest or take medicine instead of putting more pressure on your back.

Yoga is recommended for considering it a natural way of getting rid of body pains; however, in some cases, your body may not have such a positive response to your new exercise routine. Already having back pain or a prior back injury may cause your health problems to get worse with yoga. This is especially the case if you have not prepared your body with the required warmups before carrying out your stretches.


Back Hurting Yoga Poses

The best way to avoid back pain when doing yoga is by being aware of your body and the correct way to make the poses. Here’s how some common mistakes can lead you into trouble if done incorrectly.

1.   Standing Forward Fold

A standing forward pose aids in creating space between the vertebrae and also helps counter gravity’s downward pull. The folding position is not just uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous and make you more susceptible to injury.

 The stress on your muscles from this extra bending could cause injury or inflammation, increasing nerve tension and causing back pain. 

2.   Upside-down Tree pose

 This pose involves getting upside-down with your feet on top and your head down. This is good for your body because it improves the blood flow towards your brain.

 However, by causing strain upon ligaments/tendons throughout the core region, including your spine, the upside-down tree pose can also make your back worse through back injury and pain.

3.   Four Limbed Staff Pose

Getting down on your hands and feet looks like an easy thing, but it’s not. Trying this pose will compress your spine if you have weak core muscles.

 If you’re already having a backache, you could suffer a strain during this stretch if you’re not careful, and the resulting pain can linger.

4.   Full Wheel Pose

Trying this pose without having enough flexibility can affect you negatively. The full wheel pose is beneficial for your upper body parts but can cost you a back injury if you have never done it before or lack flexibility.

 If you’re a beginner but still want to try it out, you may opt for the half-wheel pose as it does not strain your back.

5.   Boat Pose

A boat pose involves tilting your lumbar spine and putting all the strain of your body weight on your back and spine.

If you have been suffering from back pain or a back injury, you must be incredibly careful before trying this one, because doing it the wrong way can lead to serious consequences to your health.

Treatment Options for Back Injury

Back injuries often require treatment through medicines and surgeries. However, not everyone feels comfortable with invasive surgeries and medicines, as they often prove to be temporary solutions.

Searching for a permanent solution for backache and injuries without entering the operation theater? Stem cell therapy assists your body to heal on its own, proving to be a better solution for back injuries and pain.

Stem cell therapy extracts regenerative cells from the patient’s blood and puts them back at the injury or pain site. The regenerative cells help your body heal by dividing themselves and working as building blocks for your body. 

Avoid Hurting Your Body and Get the Back Pain Relief You Deserve

Doing yoga may help you manage your body’s discomfort, but only to a limit. If you have back pain, you should avoid doing the abovementioned yoga poses and should always consult with a professional trainer for any exercise inquiries you may have. If you’re looking for a longer-lasting and more effective solution to your back pain, regenerative therapies such as stem cell therapy are viable options to get you on the road to recovery.

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