You need serious beating! Ugandans roast Prophet Elvis Mbonye for ‘prophesying’ the obvious

You need serious beating! Ugandans roast Prophet Elvis Mbonye for ‘prophesying’ the obvious

Ugandans on social media have lashed out at self proclaimed Prophet Elvis Mbonye for prophesying the obvious.

The netizens lost their cool when Prophet Mbonye made a prophecy that in the near future, there will be no curfew in Uganda and citizens will be free to do anything they want at any time of the day.

In a 40 second video making rounds on social media, Mbonye says, ” A time is coming shortly when there will be no curfews. The thing is, it has to get to you because its the truth and I don’t want you to lose your soul to the same. The time will come where you can be out and come back anytime…. The time is coming where you don’t have to think about that… The time is coming shortly and mark my words.”

However, Mbonye’s ‘obvious prophecy’ comes a few months after President Yoweri Museveni’s revelation that Uganda’s economy will fully reopen in January next year.

“We shall be able to open schools and the rest of the economy by January 2022 with rational safety. Whether people go for vaccination or not, we shall still reopen the economy but if anything goes wrong, the moral responsibility is yours,” the President said in October.

See what netizens say about Mbonye’s prophecy:

Ezra Ezra- “No, Prophet,No.Atleast M7 told us tht in Jan we will be free 😂,why come up with this.Lero otulimbye purofeti 😂.”

Daily Visuals- “Hahahaa He’ll tell that a time is coming soon for me to get married yet I’ve already proposed 😂🤣😅😅.”

Atuhaire Julie Cooper- “Iyiiii 😅 but that was obvious , it needed no prophecy 😅.”

Moses Mugisha- “He talks of the very obvious”A time is coming when we shall be at National theatre at 7:30pm.for comedy by fun factory.”

Edmond Okure- “😂😂😂who doesn’t know that the economy is opening in January.”

Steven Musoke- “Buno obusajja bunyuma kiboko nyabura fake pastors.”

Phillip Ssali- “2022 is coming shortly😂😂😂😂😂.”

Solomon D Mutekanga- “I don’t even see his point here..what is he trying to say guys?😂.”

Kaihura Cruise- “Who gives such ppl airwaves seriously. but anyway I have never seen a mad man with clean clothes or finger nails.”

Patricia Ainemigisha- “Oh my Gadt! Are you siriyass? Like really? I didn’t know bampi that there will be a time when there is no curfew!! Thankyu prophet. Even they should make you our president. Disclaimer: Simububi.”



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