10 Ugandan Celebrities allegedly claimed by HIV/AIDS

10 Ugandan Celebrities allegedly claimed by HIV/AIDS

HIV/ AIDS is real. It has claimed a number of lives of people we know and those whom we have never heard of.

Many Ugandan celebrities have died due to the syndrome, before death, some accepted their fate, they came out publicly and declared their statuses whereas for others we just heard rumours since they never came out to announce that they are HIV positive till their death.

Here is a list of some of the Ugandan celebrities who have succumbed to the virus;

1.Philly Bongole Lutaaya

Probably Philly is the first on the list because he is the first Uganda celebrity who came out to say he is infected with the disease.
He was a music maestro whose song still hit the waves up to now especially during Christmas festivals
He died on 15 December,1989 when the virus was still fresh in the eyes of the world.

2.Paddy Bitama

Paddy Ssali aka Paddy Bitama was a renowned comedian with the Amarula family.He died of the deadly disease in 2014 though some people alleged that he died of cancer.

3.Fred Maiso

Maiso was a band music singer in the now diminished Eagles production, known for his single ekimuli kya roza which flocked the air waves in the 1990s.He passed on in 2012 due to the virus.

4.Livingstone Kasozi

He was a kandongo kamu singer whose name gathered mass in the 1990s due to his constructive songs like Dunia welaba, abafumbo twefumbirire among other.Kasozi died of HIV in 1997.

5.Paul Kafeero

Paul Kafeero died of AIDS in 2007. He is a celebrated kadongokamu singer known for his illustrious musical career.

6.Sarah Birungi

Birungi was a musical diva who died died in 2002 due to HIV/AIDS. She was a band music singer remembered for her song Okukula kweta.

7.Harriet Kisakye

Kisakye was a band music singer who succumbed to death in 2015. It is alleged that the musician died of HIV/AIDS.

8.Mark Makumbi

Makumbi was a Kadongo kamu singer, sports journalist, TV and radio presenter who died in January 2016. He died of cancer but sources say he died of the deadly virus.

9.Martin Angume

Angume was a musician well known for his single ‘switch’. He died in 2013 and its alleged that he died of HIV/AIDS.

10.Dj Berry

Felix Nsibimaana who later converted to Islam and was known as Abdul Aziz Nsibimana aka Dj Berry was a club Dj as well as a radio personality who died of AIDS in the late 1990s and he is remembered as a great figure in Kampala nightlife.

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