2 years after his death, his son is in his favorite IPL team

2 years after his death, his son is in his favorite IPL team

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The Under-19 World Cup is not over yet. Suddenly, Ravichandran Ashwin announced that there would be a tussle in the IPL with one of the players of the Indian youth team. He was expressing his excitement about the youth team on YouTube. Separately, he said, ‘This player will definitely be called for the IPL auction. I can’t say which franchise he will take, but any team will definitely buy him. His name is Rajvardhan Hungergekar. ‘

Ashwin’s prediction has come true. Several teams have shown interest in the under-19 pace bowling all-rounder. But in the end, Ashwin’s former team Chennai Super Kings got Hungergecker for Rs 15 million. It’s a dream come true for a fast bowler who has been fascinated by the pace of the Under-19 World Cup. Hungergecker is getting a chance to play in Chennai, the favorite team of the late father.

Bowling has good speed, control, and batting skills. It is normal to be interested in Hungergecker. The pace bowling all-rounder is very excited to get a chance in Chennai. “My father loved Chennai Super Kings very much and kept track of them,” he told The Indian Express. If only he had survived to see this day! Wherever he is, he is happier than we are. I have no language to speak. ‘

Hungarian coach Mohan Yadav also wants his disciple to learn from Dhoni, ‘Playing in the IPL is the dream of all cricketers. I will give only one suggestion to Rajvardhan, look at Dhoni and learn. I know he will show his talent if given the chance. There will be nervous tension, but mentally he is tough. After losing my father in Corona in June 2020, I have seen him improve as a human being. ‘

Marc Marc
February 15, 2022

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