3 coaches on the NFL hot seat after Week 11

3 coaches on the NFL hot seat after Week 11

Matt Nagy, Bears

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy. (Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports)

The NFL hot seat got turned up for several head coaches after Week 11 results had decision-making put under a microscope.

As the NFL playoff picture starts to take shape, you can bet NFL head coaches are starting to really feel the pressure.

Winning matters more than ever, so losing is as costly can be.

Which NFL coaches need to look over their shoulder after Week 11? Hot seats are getting hotter this week.

3 coaches on the NFL hot seat after Week 11

Matt Nagy

A good rule of thumb for evaluating a head coach is to give them three years to make the team theirs. By Year 4, you should know what you have, or don’t have.

Matt Nagy is in Year 4 with the Bears and it’s undoubtedly clear what he is with the Bears. It’s not good.

Chicago has now lost five games in a row. To be fair, it hasn’t been an easy stretch going against the Packers, Buccaneers, 49ers, Steelers and Ravens in that span. Still, San Francisco is no juggernaut and Pittsburgh is pretty flawed.

The Week 11 loss to the Ravens might not have stood out as egregious if they had MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson, but they didn’t. This Baltimore team had lost two of their last three games, including matchups with the Bengals and Dolphins. They were ripe for the picking and Soldier Field and Chicago still couldn’t get it done.

Now sitting 3-7, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to keep Nagy around.

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