3 coaches on the NFL hot seat after Week 12 losses

3 coaches on the NFL hot seat after Week 12 losses

After their teams lost in Week 12, which NFL coaches should be placed on the hot seat moving forward? Who needs to prove that they’re the best candidate for their job?

It’s tough trying to win in the NFL. It’s not something that can be easily accomplished. Few coaches are able to consistently do it at a high level. But that doesn’t excuse some teams and their coaches for struggling.

Some coaches are certainly in tough situations and weren’t exactly given rosters that were designed to win. Others should’ve been able to find more success than they’ve had and are clearly underachieving.

Whatever the reason for the lack of success, coaches who can’t win quickly find themselves on the NFL hot seat. This is a league that tends to demand wins sooner rather than later.

Here are three coaches who should be on the NFL hot seat after their teams lost in week 12.

NFL hot seat: Which NFL coaches should be on the hot seat after losing in Week 12?

3. David Culley – Houston Texans

While it’s true that David Culley wasn’t exactly set up to succeed and the Texans as a whole are fairly dysfunctional, things really need to be overhauled in Houston. Just a top to bottom sort of cleaning house needs to happen here.

Unfortunately for Culley, that should also probably include him.

Culley hasn’t even been in Houston for a full season, and it’s hard to tell just how good of a coach he is with as bad as the Texans are, so he’s probably going to get another year to prove himself, which seems fair. He deserves a shot to show how good of a coach he is. It’s hard to evaluate how much of this mess should be attributed to Culley.

But something has to change for Houston and it seems unlikely that Culley escapes without drawing plenty of criticism for his performance as head coach.

2. Matt Rhule – Carolina Panthers

Well, it apparently doesn’t matter who the Carolina Panthers have as their quarterback. They just can’t quite seem to win. This time, the Panthers were demolished by a stunningly mediocre Miami Dolphins team.

With a losing record last season and plenty of struggles this year, it’s clear that Carolina isn’t where it wants to be under Matt Rhule’s leadership.

When Rhule was hired, the Panthers seemed high on how he was able to turn the Baylor Bears into a winner during his time in Waco. Unfortunately for Rhule, the NFL is a drastically different game and it can be tricky to make that transition.

It’ll be interesting to see how much longer Rhule will get to stick around in the NFL. There are some interesting college jobs coming open if he wants to make the move back.

1. Urban Meyer – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been a disaster and Urban Meyer should shoulder the blame for much of the mess that fans have had to endure throughout the season. Between the scandal off the field earlier this season and the inability to win on it, it appears as if Meyer is in over his head.

Meyer was incredibly successful as a college coach, but it seemed as if scandals followed him wherever he went and things ultimately fell apart.

Now, Jacksonville just can’t seem to win. The Jaguars are fresh off a loss to the Atlanta Falcons (who also aren’t good) and have lost three games in a row since inexplicably beating the Buffalo Bills a few weeks back.

This year has been bad and there’s no real indication that it’ll get better any time soon.

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