3 coaches Vikings should hire who can beat Cooper Rush

3 coaches Vikings should hire who can beat Cooper Rush

Vikings, Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore, Dallas Cowboys. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Zimmer couldn’t even get the Minnesota Vikings past the Cowboys when Dallas started Cooper Rush at quarterback and they need a better head coach.

There’s an unacceptable coaching performance and then there’s whatever Mike Zimmer did for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football.

Playing at home, Zimmer’s team was up against Cowboys backup quarterback Cooper Rush. This should’ve been a prime opportunity for Minnesota to pick up an easy win in the NFC. Instead, scared play-calling, poor defensive adjustments and just downright bad coaching allowed Dallas to come from behind late and score a 20-16 win.

Now sitting at 3-4 on the season and after missing the playoffs last year, it’s probably past time for the Vikings to make a change and move on from Mike Zimmer. Who would they move on to? While the feeling might be that literally anyone would be better at this point, here are three quality options to replace Zimmer in Minnesota.

3 coaches the Vikings need to hire who could beat Cooper Rush or anyone, really

3. Kellen Moore – Cowboys offensive coordinator

A touch of irony here considering that it was Kellen Moore who helped guide Cooper Rush to a win over the Vikings on Sunday Night Football in Week 8, leading to this very discussion. But the Cowboys offensive coordinator is proving with each passing week that he wholly deserves to be among the hottest NFL head coaching candidates and, if Minnesota makes the wise move to move on from Zimmer, a coach that the Vikes should take a long look at.

One of the best things about a potential marriage between Moore and Minnesota would be the transition from Zimmer to him. While Zimmer is definitely more of an old-school guy, Moore is a perfect blend of that mentality and the new-school approach to offensive design and play-calling. That would be a fantastic fit for the personnel in the Twin Cities.

Moore proved that he can beat the Vikings even if he has to start Cooper Rush — a quarterback making the first start of his NFL career — instead of a potential MVP candidate in Dak Prescott. Now think about what he could do with all the talent in Minnesota.

It’s hard not be enticed about the obvious upgrades that the current Dallas offensive coordinator could possibly bring to this team.

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