3 Luxurious Poker Sets You Need This Festive Season

3 Luxurious Poker Sets You Need This Festive Season

singapore airlines poker setImage: Kris Shop

Whether it’s a weekly game with friends or a high-stakes game with sharks from out of town, poker is best enjoyed with quality chips. If you’re looking to spice up your weekly poker night or show off your new digs, we’ve found three decadent and luxurious poker sets to ensure you host one hell of a poker game.

Limited Edition Singapore Airlines Poker Set

singapore airlines poker setImage: Kris Shop

Singapore Airlines recently released its own branded Limited Edition Poker Set. The luxurious poker set features the unique batik-motif of Singapore Airlines.

The poker set comes in a box, quirkily shaped like an aircraft window with batik prints embossed on the surface. When opened, you’ll be greeted with playing cards, poker chips, and a dice shaker, also with the same batik motif throughout. If you’d like the full suite, there’s also a non-slip Neoprene and rubber-lined bottom poker mat that you can add to the set.

Pre-orders open exclusively to KrisFlyer members from now to 15 December 2021, here. Thereafter, pre-orders will be available to all shoppers.

Tiffany & Co. Travel Poker Set

tiffany and co poker setImage: Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. has got your back if you’ve ever needed to travel somewhere with a poker set. Their travel poker set is a whimsical and luxurious take on the classic gambling game. Its use of elevated materials such as sterling silver and porcelain adds a modern spin to your poker night and ensure this set will never go unnoticed.

It includes 100 poker chips in shades of the iconic Tiffany blue, white, grey, and black, with metallic rings. The set includes a leather box with a functional lock and two keys and a sterling silver dealer button. There is also a set consisting of two decks of Tiffany Travel playing cards with the Tiffany Travel logo and metallic silver foil edge.

This luxurious travel poker set is available for purchase on the Tiffany website here.

Carbon Fibre Poker Set

carbon fibre poker setImage: Uncrate

If you’re trying to have a luxurious game night, look no further than this carbon fibre poker set. Includes 200 poker chips in classic gaming colours of blue, red, green, and black. It also comes with five dice and two premium sets of premium playing cards.

These premium items are situated inside a high-gloss carbon-fibre casing surrounding a solid wood frame box. The interior of the box is velvet-lined to ensure the gaming pieces are protected and stay securely in place.

If you want this opulent poker set for yourself, it is available for purchase here.

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