3 moves Packers can make after losing OBJ to the Rams

3 moves Packers can make after losing OBJ to the Rams

Although the Green Bay Packers missed out on Odell Beckham Jr., there are still moves that the team can make to improve their wideout situation. 

When it came down to the wire, Odell Beckham Jr. was reportedly deciding between going to Green Bay to play with the Packers and going to Los Angeles to link up with the Rams.

Beckham Jr. eventually chose the Rams, causing the Packers to lose out on what could have been a game-changing wide receiver situation up in Wisconsin. Even Davante Adams wanted Beckham Jr. to come to Green Bay to play alongside him.

Since the Packers were interested, it indicates a significant need at the position. As Aaron Rodgers demonstrated in a stellar MVP campaign last year, his spectacular connection with Davante Adams resulted in 1,374 yards, 18 touchdowns and 13 wins. Considering what Beckham Jr. could have added to that legacy is now something that can only be imagined, as there is no comparable talent within sight.

The NFL trade deadline passed on Nov. 2, so trades are now out of the question, but there are still moves the Packers can make to counter their NFC opponent in Los Angeles and keep their 7-2 team on top.

3. Sign Alshon Jeffrey to come to Green Bay

Despite winning a Super Bowl ring in 2017, Alshon Jeffrey isn’t one of the best-known wide receivers in the NFL. Drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2012, Jeffrey has played for the Bears and Philadelphia Eagles, where he won a Super Bowl with the team.

Jeffrey was released into free agency in March of this year, which is no surprise when Eagles fans realized the team took DeVonta Smith with their No. 10 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

But the Packers could use a veteran like Jeffrey to compliment their offense, especially when so many of their receivers are rather young. Jeffrey has had two 1000+ seasons, proving he’s capable of racking up the yards when given the opportunity.

2. Bring Dez Bryant to Green Bay

It’s unfathomable to think Dez Bryant would ever sign with the team that stole his catch and a chance at a Super Bowl ring away from him, especially since Bryant just appeared in an Uber Eats commercial joking about the infamous moment.

But Bryant said earlier this year that he didn’t plan on retiring, and he is still officially a free agent available on the market.

Bryant is 33 years old, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he still has a few good seasons left in the tank.

The question is, would he ever consider spending them in the place that robbed him of glory? Perhaps if doing so finally let Bryant earn that coveted Super Bowl ring.

1. Utilize an upgraded practice squad player

For other teams needing depth at the position, it makes sense to dip into the practice squad roster and upgrade a player: that’s a major reason why practice squad players remain with a team.

It’s something that the Seahawks can do as they also cope with losing out on OBJ, but for the Packers, they’ve already promoted a few of their practice squad receivers.

Equanimeous St. Brown and Juwann Winfree were upgraded from the practice squad earlier this season, but neither has had a significant impact on the team throughout the season. St. Brown has three receptions for 12 yards, and Winfree has had four receptions for 30 yards so far this season.

No one on the practice squad is going to ball out the way Beckham Jr. has throughout the year, but there are always undrafted players who earn a spot on the team through upgraded practice squad spots that become incredible receivers. Victor Cruz, Wes Welker and Doug Baldwin all climbed their way up the roster undrafted, and all three played on Super Bowl teams.

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