3 NFL quarterbacks who should be benched after Week 7

3 NFL quarterbacks who should be benched after Week 7

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. (USA Today)

These three NFL starting quarterback played badly enough in Week 7 to merit being benched.

The NFL is an unforgiving league, and when your starting quarterback plays terribly, everyone will call you out.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have Aaron Rodgers as their main man under center, nor are they lucky enough to have a team without a loss on the season like the Arizona Cardinals. However, there are a few teams who are underperforming in recent weeks because of horrendous quarterback play. These signal-callers absolutely did not get it done for their teams in Week 7.

Here are three starting quarterbacks who either need to re-evaluate some things in their life or go hold a clipboard for a week because they were abysmal this weekend.

NFL Week 7: 3 starting quarterbacks who should be benched after poor play


Patrick Mahomes

Quarterback Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t benching Patrick Mahomes, but he was atrocious

The Chiefs shouldn’t, and of course won’t, bench Patrick Mahomes. But based on his play? He deserves a call-out.

Mahomes has not looked this bad since he played at Texas Tech. In a game the Kansas City Chiefs needed to have to prove they weren’t frauds when it comes to being AFC title contenders, they got eviscerated in a public square when they took on the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. This 27-3 loss falls almost entirely on Mahomes.

So what if he dealt with injury in this game? He is the most talented quarterback in the league. As it turns out, talent will only get you so far. It was only a matter of time before the Chiefs were no longer the AFC juggernaut they have been for the last three seasons. They are dealing with some real adversity right now and Mahomes is doing his best Jameis Winston turnover impersonation.

He completed 20-of-35 passes for 206 yards and a pick. Mahomes put the ball on the turf twice and lost it once. Even if the game was in Nashville, Mahomes cannot get hopelessly outplayed by a rehabilitated starter like Ryan Tannehill. The Chiefs are 3-4 and find themselves in the AFC West basement. How sure are we this team will even make the playoffs, much less win the division?

Chad Henne is not an improvement over this, but Mahomes needs to do some major regrouping.

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