3 QB-needy teams that should trade for Gardner Minshew this offseason

3 QB-needy teams that should trade for Gardner Minshew this offseason

Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Gardner Minshew proved in relief for the Eagles that he can still be a winning NFL quarterback, so which teams should make a trade in 2022?

One of the underrated subplots of the 2021 NFL offseason was what the fate of Gardner Minshew would be once the Jaguars drafted Trevor Lawrence. In the end, he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles and, in Week 13, he was forced into the start with Jalen Hurts injured. The mustachioed quarterback carved up the Jets to get Philly a win.

By most accounts, though, the Eagles are still planning on sticking with Hurts for the foreseeable future. Though having a backup of Minshew’s caliber is valuable, Philadelphia might be best-served in the long term trying to deal the backup quarterback to a team that’s in need of a quarterback in 2022 (and perhaps beyond next season).

Minshew proved in Jacksonville and again for the Eagles — albeit against the Jets — that he can be a solid to above-average NFL quarterback, something several teams could use for the future. In particular, these three teams should be already thinking about a Gardner Minshew trade for 2022.

Gardner Minshew trade destinations: 3 QB-needy NFL teams that should deal with Eagles

3. Denver Broncos

So the major caveat for the Denver Broncos and their quarterback situation for the 2022 season and beyond is that they could be players for both Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Obviously, Minshew doesn’t hold a candle to either of those future Hall of Famers.

However, it’s not a certainty that the Broncos end up with either of those veteran stars next season or at all. And it feels safe to say at this point that Denver would thoroughly enjoy moving on from the Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock quagmire they’ve currently put themselves in the thick of.

Subsequently, missing out on Rodgers or Wilson would put them back into the quarterback market. And with a relatively weak draft class, at least in comparison to high-end years, at the position, the fact of the matter is that they could be looking at someone like Gardner Minshew to line up under center.

Minshew would be walking into a great situation in Denver with a strong core of young receivers, a good offensive line, and a good running back as well. That could set him up for success and, consequently, the Broncos up for more success than they’ve seen this year or in recent years.

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