3 trades Chiefs must make to return to Super Bowl contender status

3 trades Chiefs must make to return to Super Bowl contender status


The Kansas City Chiefs are in unfamiliar territory with the real threat of missing the playoffs entirely and need to get aggressive in order to return to their fourth straight Super Bowl.

Only one team in NFL history has made the Super Bowl in four straight seasons, the Buffalo Bills. That was the feat the Kansas City Chiefs were looking to accomplish in the 2021 season. Staring at a 3-4 record after a blowout loss to the Tennessee Titans, something needs to change.

Luckily for Kansas City, there are moves that can be made to help the team. The NFL’s trade deadline is a week away on November 4th. With that deadline looming, the Chiefs need to right the ship, and these are just three moves that could help with that.

3. Melvin Ingram for 2022 6th-round pick

The Pittsburgh Steelers, like Kansas City, are not where they hoped to be at this point in the season. With a struggling offense not able to help a strong defense, it may be time for Pittsburgh to become a seller at the trade deadline. The elder statesman Ben Roethlisberger is clearly on his way out, and Pittsburgh needs to add draft capital if they plan on rebuilding around a new quarterback next season.

Melvin Ingram and the Chiefs were already flirting with each other prior to Ingram’s selection of the Steelers late in the offseason. The long-time Charger would be the type of cheap but potentially game-changing move Kansas City needs to investigate. According to NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, the Chiefs were looking at pass-rushers and Ingram may be the best available option prior to the deadline.

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