30 highest-paid NFL players on their current contracts

30 highest-paid NFL players on their current contracts

NFL teams aren’t afraid to pay high-quality players big money. These 30 guys have the highest annual salaries on their current contracts.

The NFL prides itself on being a meritocracy where the best players have a chance to make the most money. For the most part that holds true. Reading through the 30 highest paid players for the 2021-22 NFL season gives fans a very solid idea of who the most valuable players in the league are.

As expected, the list shades heavily towards the quarterback position. Exactly half of this list is comprised of signal-callers. Quarterback is the most important position in the modern NFL and high-level starters are paid accordingly.

The list begins with a wide receiver who doesn’t get enough publicity on the national stage.

**The rankings are based off the annual average value of the player’s current deal, not his 2021-22 cap hit**

30. Keenan Allen

Allen has toiled in relative anoymity with the Chargers but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a top-flight wide receiver. The production he put up playing first with Philip Rivers and now, with Justin Herbert makes it clear that he’s worthy of a high salary.

That’s why the Chargers are paying him a shade over $20 million this season. That’s solid value for a 29-year-old receiver who is playing in his prime. Allen deserves more credit from the national media than he receives on a weekly basis.

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