5 biggest questions heading into 2021 NBA Playoffs

5 biggest questions heading into 2021 NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs are just about here, but there are still a few things we need to work out. For one, the standings. At the time of this writing, four teams were within 2.5 games of the top seed in the Eastern Conference. The eighth, ninth, and 10th seeds all have the same exact record. Teams are trying to find the best route to the NBA Finals, and the Eastern Conference is no easy feat.

In the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns are quite obviously the top team, but the rest of the conference is a dog fight. They will continue to change seedings until April 10th when the regular season ends. There are only a few games left, but these teams will make the most of the short time.

There are five major questions that still need answering before the playoffs start, and some of those questions can’t be answered until the games matter the most. The playoffs will answer all of the questions. Just look at last season. So many questions were answered. “Can Giannis win it all?” “Can Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons win together?” “Is Utah really one of the best teams in the West?” “Are the Knicks good again?” Sometimes fanbases didn’t like the answers to those questions, but they were answers nonetheless.

There are many questions that need answers during the NBA Playoffs. The biggest ones will lead to who wins it all this season.

This season, the answers will come once again, and the questions are arguably harder to answer than they were last season. These are the biggest as we head into one of the most fun playoff scenarios in a long time.

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