5 bold predictions for Seahawks against Rams

5 bold predictions for Seahawks against Rams

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Los Angeles Rams this week, but five key predictions will determine whether they follow one division win with another.

The Seahawks finally got the bounce-back win they needed — and against the 49ers, no less.

Now at 2-2, the Seahawks are coming off a 28-21 win that was necessary for the team’s future this season. They’re in the same division as the only undefeated NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, and they’re still behind the 3-1 Los Angeles Rams.

It’s the Rams the Seahawks will be tackling at home in Week 5 in a game that decides the near future of both franchises. If the Seahawks go 2-3, it makes their offseason chances less likely and promotes the Rams to 4-1. But 3-2 positions the Seahawks nicely against a 3-2 Rams team as both teams fight to dethrone the Cardinals.

Perhaps the game won’t matter at all and all NFC West teams will make the post-season: it’s a possibility, as NFL.com statistician Cynthia Frelund shared this week. “The NFC West is the only division with at least a one percent chance of producing four playoff teams,” according to Frelund’s simulations.

Currently, the Seahawks are projected to average 8.6 wins, with a ceiling of 10.8 and a floor of 6.7.

Whether they lean more towards ceiling or floor, Week 5 will be one of the toughest games the Seahawks will endure all year. But if they do come out with the win, these five factors will be keys to keeping the Rams in check.


5. Freddie Swain continues hot streak this season

There’s D.K. Metcalf, there’s Tyler Lockett, and then there’s Freddie Swain.

While the first two have shown they can handle plenty of Russell Wilson passes, there is still some room for a third receiver on the Seahawks offense, which creates an opportunity for Swain to shine.

With position rival John Ursua on IR and D’Wayne Eskridge still questionable, Swain is the only one to fill out the X receiver role that David Moore left behind this season.

When it comes to the Rams’ secondary, formidable cornerback Jalen Ramsey will likely want to keep his rivalry going with D.K. Metcalf, while Lockett could see double coverage. Swain could be the one open as Metcalf streaks downfield, opening up the second-year receiver for those longer passes and possible touchdowns.

Swain has seen at least 23 percent of snaps in every game, but if the No. 3 receiver gets open for a big play, it could be the game-changer in the outcome.

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