5 coaches Trevor Lawrence should want to replace Urban Meyer

5 coaches Trevor Lawrence should want to replace Urban Meyer

As Urban Meyer looks to inevitably be one-and-done, Trevor Lawrence should want someone among these five candidates to be the next Jaguars’ head coach.

Apart from being one of two winless teams left in the NFL, head coach Urban Meyer has no logical answers for how to get the Jacksonville Jaguars on track. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is a good starting point for a rebuild, and James Robinson is a capable running back, but Meyer seems ready to continually misuse those guys too.

If off-the-field issues don’t push him out or lead to his firing, Meyer might just leave Jacksonville on his own after just one season. Where he goes from there, perhaps back to college coaching, is unclear. But that won’t be the Jaguars’ problem. They will be tasked with finding the right head coach, and one who can develop Lawrence into the franchise quarterback he has long been anointed to become.

Giving a young quarterback significant say in a head coaching hire is probably not a great idea. But the Jaguars could ask Lawrence for his thoughts in a bigger picture sense. On his own, Lawrence is a selling point to head coaching candidates.

Whether he’s given a voice in the inevitable search to replace Meyer or not, Lawrence should want one of these five coaches to be next Jaguars’ head coach.


Jaguars: 5 coaches Trevor Lawrence should want to replace Urban Meyer

5. Dabo Swinney, Clemson head coach

The Jaguars are surely jaded by their experience with a college coach in Meyer. But that probably won’t stop Lawrence from wanting his former college head coach to come to Jacksonville. It’s also unlikely Swinney will want to make the jump to the NFL, maybe ever and certainly not as the Tigers go through a tougher than usual season (3-2 right now).

Along the same line as Swinney, and failing to actually get him, Lawrence could pivot to want Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott to be the next Jaguars’ head coach. Neither is happening, but Lawrence might find a lot of comfort in familiarity as the Meyer experience continues to go poorly.

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