6 Ways to Organize Your Pantry Without Asking Your Mom

6 Ways to Organize Your Pantry Without Asking Your Mom

We’ve all been there: you open your pantry to find that a few cans have gone bad, so you whip out the receipt and toss them in the trash — only to have a can of green beans roll out. It’s enough to make anyone want to throw their hands up in frustration.

The organization is the key to a clean and functional kitchen. A tidy pantry not only makes cooking easier but also reduces the chances that your culinary creations will go to waste. Here are 6 tips with which you can easily organize your pantry and feel relaxed!

Use transparent containers

Transparent containers can be any material from plastic to quartz but the purpose is to be able to see everything clearly. You do not want to open your container one fine day to find something crawling in it. It’s another thing that having transparent containers can also make it very easy to use your kitchen pantry as you are able to see everything.

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Label everything with dates

A good kitchen pantry has everything labelled but it’s quite pointless if it’s just the names. Most people who cook daily are well aware of the ingredients and how they look. What is more important however when will they expire? 

Expiration dates are only written in packets when you are opening them and decanting. So, note the dates and add them to your labels. This way, you will be inclined to check the dates and use your products on time.

Add racks and drawers to expand storage

Before you go on to add pantry storage, measure everything. And find out spaces where you can accommodate a rack easily. There are so many innovative ways to do no matter what size your kitchen is. Install wire racks to keep light items. Or else, you can install drawers that are much easier to manage than shelves. Have glass cabinets that can easily be opened and you can view your containers easily.

Use baskets for fun and convenience

Straw bins and baskets are popular in playrooms, workplaces, and closets, but they also work well in the pantry. To retrieve canned items, stack them by category (tomato sauces, vegetables, etc.) without raising the cover. Alternatively, use them as a catch-all for napkins and tablecloths.

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Keep your spices separately

Your spices are precious. Some of them are used daily and others may not see the light of day for weeks. What you must do is keep them separately. Daily use spices should be right in front of your eyes and others can be kept in cabinets but don’t forget about them completely. 

Dedicate a space for non-cooking items

The kitchen is not only home to your favorite dishes but also the equipment that makes them. This includes the blender, the toaster, and tons of utensils. Dedicate space for them so that they are easy to get out and keep back. Have a cabinet for plates and others for glasses. Keep a counter for your electronics and make sure it’s away from the sink.

Following these simple tips will make you one step closer to the perfect kitchen pantry!

We can all agree that the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house. 

Why? Because it just makes sense; this is where we prepare our meals, feed our families, and where moms spend most of their time. Having a clean pantry is always a blessing to behold!

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