8 Gorgeous Beaches In Lebanon That Promise A Refreshing Vacay In 2022

8 Gorgeous Beaches In Lebanon That Promise A Refreshing Vacay In 2022

Try out the best Beaches in Lebanon for exciting vacations

Feel to spend a superb vacation with your family and explore a unique way to enjoy each & every moment of your life? Then the Republic of Lebanon is the right choice for you as you can enjoy the gorgeous beaches that promise you an exciting vacation filled with happiness & an enthusiastic vibe.

The country is located in Western Asia & precisely situated in Syria to the North, followed by the East & Israel to the South.

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Let’s find out some of the amazing beaches that can turn your day full of adventure & relief:

White beach

However, the people who often like peaceful palaces or love nature can visit here. So, the list starts with the white beach that has an amazing blue ocean along with crystal white sand. Moreover, it’s quite a peaceful place where numerous visitors can spend quality time with their families or alone.

Since the place has no sound around & you can enjoy birds chirping along with a beautiful seashore around.

Apart from these, multiple restaurants serve mouth-watering food & great cafes.

Benny Beach 

The second name on the list of the famous beaches is the Benny beach in Lebanon, which is covered with touch sand & great blue water. You can visit here with family, friends or alone as well depending on your choice. A great spot to spend your time when you feel off mood or get annoyed during times. 

However, you can also capture some of your unforgettable moments that can symbolize your great memories. It’s a hidden treasure or a gem that adds something unique to your trip. So do visit here & try to discover yourself differently.

Tyre Beach

If you feel about spending your day out of your boring rooms, then quickly head towards the Tyre beach to spend your entire day. Moreover, the interesting thing about here is the visitors don’t need to spend a single penny to explore the beautiful outing, blue sky, cold breeze, amazing bird & their sounds, etc. 

Although, it’s located on the south Beirut & provides a great eye viewing scene for the visitors. Now, if you focus on hygiene, it has totally clean surroundings that make it worth your visit.

Pierre & friends

The best spot for all the party animals worldwide to explore & enjoy. It’s a great beach bar with the best nightlife with your friends & others. You can enjoy mesmerizing dance on live DJs by popular artists here. However, the private beach has a great rocking aura where you live your life as never before.

You can also enjoy delicious Lebanese food, amazing cocktails & an extraordinary party vibe. So, for the adults & teenagers, it’s a must-visit place to enjoy your trip & capture the incredible as well as unforgettable memories.

Lazy B

Wish to visit a place that has both peace & adventure, then your destination to visit will be the Lazy B beach. It is well surrounded by the amazing green ambiance that precisely levels up with the environment and makes your visit more pleasurable.

Moreover, the iconic spot has a cool lounge area & offers great hospitality, followed by the three swimming pools. This makes the visitors feel completely relaxed.

However, the fascinating wide open space is located on Jiyeh’s southern coast and is a terrific spot for all the beach lovers to hang out. You can also enjoy drinks & cock tails that add an outstanding experience to the vacation.

Sporting club beach

To enjoy your best day out, head towards the amazing Sporting club beach. The place welcomes you with a great open space. Moreover, apart from different physical exercises, the visitors can enjoy a unique 5-star meal & enjoy other sporting activities.

However, the gigantic beach has a great natural aura followed by amazing greenery & balance the natural environment.

To plan out a perfect day, the visitors need to make their valuable presence with their family and enjoy a great captivating view of the Mediterranean sea.

In addition to these things, there is a famous restaurant for food lovers as Felukla restaurant, which precisely serves some great authentic Lebanese cuisine.

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However, this cool beach bar is located in Batroun, which the Lebanese yath club quite manages. It has free cost entry & only needs to pay after you order some unique meals for yourself. Moreover, visitors around the globe can easily enjoy their day on the sand coast & pebbles. The O-Glacee beach has the best fish along with the Lebanese Mezza, which is a colorful platter occupied with a traditional Lebanese dip.

Visiting a particular beach is always an amazing idea as you can explore a different environment with interesting people. It’s a place where you try to find yourself away from the unwanted crowd & spend your own time. 

Apart from these natural surroundings, the visitors can walk all around feeling the sand & cold seawater.

Florida Beach

One of Lebanon’s greatest tourist spots is the Florida beach, surrounded by beautiful mountains that make the spots quite worthy of your visit.

Moreover, the beach has amazing resorts, luxurious hotel rooms, VIP suites along with the Chalets. As these things provide a memorable stay & innumerable benefits for the visitors.

The place offers the tourists free delicious breakfast, an amazing pool for a great swim & make yourself relaxed along with an on-site restaurant.

However, taking some time off & visiting here is spending your valuable time provides you a great view of the Mediterranean sea. 

Moreover, the visitors can enjoy some priceless moments of life while capturing some pictures, enjoy the cold seawater. Thus, explore a great environment all-around along with multiple dishes that have a simple nature, unique taste & easily eatable. 


We have provided you with all the essential information about the best beaches in Lebanon to pay a visit & make your trip full of enjoyment & great memories. So, make your visit to these gorgeous beaches & do explore your life with enthusiasm, fun & excitement.

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