Actor Jake Gyllenhaal makes ‘Road House’ filming appearance at UFC 285 weigh-in

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal makes ‘Road House’ filming appearance at UFC 285 weigh-in

UFC 285 is headlined by the fight between Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane, but they weren’t the only superstars at the weigh-in.Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, bulky as ever, also stepped on the scale. He wasn’t fighting. He was just in character for the remake of 1989’s “Road House.”CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COM Jake Gyllenhaal is starring in the “Road House” remake. (David Livingston/Getty Images)UFC fighters Conor McGregor and Jay Hieron will also star in the film. The latter shares the scene filmed Friday night with Gyllenhaal, who previously starred in “Southpaw.”Gyllenhaal and Hieron were acting, but their hyping up of the crowd was all real, and the crowd made some legitimate noise. LIAM NEESON ‘CAN’T STAND’ UFC, SAYS ‘LITTLE LEPRECHAUN’ CONOR MCGREGOR ‘GIVES IRELAND A BAD NAME’Gyllenhall threw a slap, and his character was interviewed about it.”This f—er just makes me laugh ’cause he’s a f—ing joke. Let’s go. Just give me the belt. Just give it to me. Hand it to me,” Gyllenhall says.”I promise you that’s the one and only hit you get. I’m putting you to sleep tomorrow night,” Hieron responds. Jake Gyllenhaal talks about taking on the role in Patrick Swayze’s 1989 film “Road House.” (Getty Images)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe original film starred Patrick Swayze. UFC 285 kicks off Saturday night in Las Vegas.

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