Adam Schefter had perfect meme to announce Richard Sherman signing

Adam Schefter had perfect meme to announce Richard Sherman signing

With the news of Richard Sherman signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers spreading throughout the footballing world, just about everyone has had a reaction. However, none of them will likely compare to the reaction of ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who took us on a trip down memory lane with the perfect meme.

Schefter posted the now-iconic photo of Richard Sherman and Tom Brady rendezvousing after a Seattle Seahawks-New England Patriots game back on Oct. 14, 2012, with the caption “Not mad now, bro…” Genius.

The Richard Sherman signing with the Buccaneers is creating great meme potential

Of course, Schefter is poking fun at the absolute zinger posted by Richard Sherman on Twitter almost 10 years ago after the Seahawks defeated the Patriots. Sherman claimed that Brady told him to come and see him after the game once the Patriots had won, and in return, Sherman — then a relatively unknown quantity — posted the all-time great meme.

Sherman’s trash-talking of Brady helped him and an overlooked Seahawks team burst onto the scene, and also sparked an Internet meme in the process. But, Schefter has it right, neither Tom Brady nor Richard Sherman will be mad at the news that the latter has signed with the reigning Super Bowl champions.

In fact, they’re probably both delighted.

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