Amazon Astro home robot: How to preorder Amazon’s $1,000 bot, the latest Ring devices and more

Amazon Astro home robot: How to preorder Amazon’s $1,000 bot, the latest Ring devices and more

Amazon announced several new additions during Tuesday’s product launch, including this new robot, Astro. 

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Amazon’s launch event this week revealed a mix of the everyday and bold. On the one hand are updates to the Echo Show 15 and Halo View fitness band with a screen, plus a new $60 Smart Thermostat that goes straight for the Google Nest jugular. On the other, there’s the aspirational (and potentially problematic) Ring Always Home flying drone camera and the showstopper that surprised us all: Amazon’s $1,000 Alexa-powered Astro robot

Amazon’s Astro is another way that the tech giant is building in Alexa voice commands and hoping to get deeper into your heart and home. Astro can monitor your Ring home security system, deliver items from one room to the next and video chat — all while avoiding trampling your pets. However, the bot is already facing privacy concerns, following Ring’s years of criticism for its policies and police partnership
 and privacy issues

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We’ll tell you how and when to get your hands on Amazon’s new devices, even the trickier drone and Astro robot. This story has been recently updated. 

Amazon/Screenshot by James Martin/CNET

Astro brings AI to your home, but puts bots to the test. Amazon’s new robot is designed to follow voice commands and keep an eye on your home with its periscope camera. Astro can show a live view via the mobile app, so you can check on your home when you’re away. Astro works with Alexa Together and Ring Protect Pro (and comes with a six-month free trial of the latter). Anticipating privacy criticism, Amazon offers privacy features with Astro that include:

No-go zones 
Do not disturb features
Alexa’s standard privacy features

You can sign up to request an invite today. Astro will ship later this year.

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Amazon’s Astro robot is part home helper, part surveillance…


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Amazon partnered with the Honeywell Home thermostat team to create an Energy Star-certified smart thermostat that competes with Nest. Most customers may be able to get the thermostat for free after utility rebates. It’s an Alexa-enabled thermostat that supports routines and automatically adjusts temperatures. It’s available for preorder now and will ship starting Nov. 4. A few of the top features you can look forward to include:

Control your thermostat using the Alexa app or voice commands
An energy dashboard to breakdown your usage on your Echo device or the Alexa app 
Thermostat Hunches, which automatically adjusts the temperature

Amazon/Screenshot by James Martin/CNET

Amazon’s new Echo Show is bigger than ever. It comes with a 15.6-inch display and in a single color: black. You can mount it on the wall or place it on a stand. The newest model also has facial recognition for personalized alerts and more when the hub recognizes your face, tightening the competition with Apple. It also comes with personalized to-do lists, like Google’s Hub Max. But the Echo Show 15 comes with a few highly anticipated features. 

Custom sounds that allow Alexa to listen to specific noises in your home (available in 2022)
Visual ID to give you more customized calendars and reminders
Customizable Alexa widgets 

Echo will also get a few new features, including Hey Disney to give your device new voices with character-inspired games, books, skills and more. Alexa Together will also be available for loved ones with the Alexa Care Hub. You can sign up to receive an email when the Echo Show 15 is available for preorder.

Amazon/Screenshot by James Martin/CNET

The Amazon Glow is a brand-new kid-friendly smart device (yes, it’s different from the Echo Glow night light). It takes after Osmo and other interactive learning gadgets. Kids can use the video screen to chat with long-distance family and friends. It includes a silicone mat to read, play and draw with loved ones. You’ll also get a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids Plus for access to digital books, games and more. The Amazon Glow comes with a two-year, worry-free guarantee if you happen to break it. You can request an invite to the Glow program today

Games and activities from Mattel, Disney, Nickelodeon and Sesame Street
Pre-approved contacts using the Amazon Glow app 
Camera with privacy shutter 

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Amazon Glow: An interactive projector for kids


Amazon/Screenshot by James Martin/CNET

The Halo View is a new addition to Amazon’s Halo family. The latest Amazon fitness tracker has a few new features, including an AMOLED color display screen. Halo View users can also look forward to Halo Fitness and Nutrition services that will help with exercise and healthy eating. It benefits the Halo user in several ways, including the movement, emotional tone and the camera’s body analyses. And it still works with the original Halo band. But these new additions might be worth upgrading from Amazon’s Halo. 

7-day battery life 
Water resistant down to 50 meters 
Skin and temperature tracking 

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