Anthony Davis wanted to avoid overtime so he could watch the Packers

Anthony Davis wanted to avoid overtime so he could watch the Packers

Los Angeles Laker Anthony Davis revealed a hilarious reason as to why he rushed to end overtime: so he could watch a Packers game. 

The Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs have been known to trade championships in the past. But on Nov. 14, they were simply trading baskets in a game that led to overtime.

On Sunday, Lakers’ star center Anthony Davis was in a rush to finish the 114-106 game that eventually went to Los Angeles.

He had a sincere motivation, too: Davis is an avowed cheesehead, and he needed to catch the end of the Packers game.

For anyone who watched the Seahawks-Packers game on Sunday afternoon, it was clear that there wasn’t much to watch in a disappointing return for Russell Wilson. But Davis’ die-hard fandom that traverses sports is always fun to watch — especially since Davis is a proud Chicago native.

Anthony Davis finishes impressive performance with hilarious motivation: the need to catch a Packers game

Davis was born and raised in Chicago, which has their own NFL franchise, the Chicago Bears. Most Chicagoans grow up Bears fans, including Davis’ own father.

But AD developed a more personal reason as to why he cheers on the Packers: because he’s known guys on the team.

“I was never a football guy and then when I got to the NBA, guys were like you got to have a team. I knew some guys from the Packers and just became a fan. I get a lot of hate and stuff from it, but I don’t really care.”

On a whim, Davis chose to cheer for the NFL team with players he actually knew rather than stay faithful to his hometown.

What makes this decision even better is that the Bears and Packers have one of the longest-lasting and fiercest rivalries in NFL history.

But it makes sense why AD would be drawn to the Green Bay team. Like the Lakers, they are one of the most successful teams in NFL history, and they are currently headed by their own superstar in 2020 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers.

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