Apple says employees and customers are safe after store hostage situation in Amsterdam

Apple says employees and customers are safe after store hostage situation in Amsterdam

In response to a now-resolved hostage situation at an Amsterdam store, Apple says that all employees and customers are safe “after this terrifying experience,” per a statement obtained by TechCrunch. There is still an on-going investigation, the company added.

“We want to thank local law enforcement for their exceptional work and ongoing investigation,” the statement, provided by an Apple spokesperson, continues. “Our teams and customers took swift action and showed incredible strength and resolve today, and we are so thankful for the support and care they’ve shown each other under such challenging circumstances.”

The statement comes hours after the police resolved a hostage situation within the flagship store, which saw a man hold at least one person hostage for hours, according to a report from Reuters. Residents, at the time of the standoff, were urged to stay indoors and away from the popular area, according to a tweet from local Amsterdam police.

After several hours, the gunman ran out of the store, and the police stopped him by hitting him with a car, per the AP.

“We can confirm that the hostage taker is out of the Apple Store,” police said in a Dutch language tweet. “He is lying on the street and a robot is checking him for explosives. Armed police officers have him under control from a distance. The hostage is safe.”

The police have not publicly commented on the gunman’s potential motives. According to the AP, local broadcaster AT5 suggested that the hostage taker was attempting an armed robbery.

With over 500 retail locations worldwide, this isn’t the first time that an Apple Store has become the scene of a crime. Last summer, two teenagers in Atlanta were arrested for allegedly shooting a store security guard. Months later, a security guard at a Manhattan Apple Store was stabbed after informing a customer that he was required to wear a mask to enter the store.

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