Apply Vietnam e-visa online quickly, 100% prestige

Apply Vietnam e-visa online quickly, 100% prestige

  1. What is Vietnam’s e-visa?

The Vietnam Immigration Department has offered various types of visas for foreigners, including Vietnam e-visa. Notably, the Vietnam e visa is only applied for a single entry. The validity lasts for 30 days. It would cost you 25 USD for card payments to apply for an e-visa. The days required to process a visa are three full working days. Vietnam’s e-visa has currently been available to 80 nations worldwide since July 2020.

An example of a Vietnam visa

  1. Online Vietnam visa application process
  • Step 1: Make an online application: At first, you need to access the official website for a foreigner’s E-visa application. Then, all you need to do on the website is upload your profile, including personal photos and information. After that, you need to verify the information by getting a verification code. Note down the code because you’ll use it later.
  • Step 2: Pay online: As mentioned, the Vietnam e visa cost would be 25 USD. The payment could be implemented safely and easily by using payment cards. The recommended ones are MasterCard, Visa, Paypal. Note that the American Express Card is not included.
  • Step 3: Get an official Vietnam e-visa: You need to re-access the website in step 1 to check if the visa process is done. To enter again, you need to fill in the registration code, email, and birthday. If your application is approved, you would get a link to Vietnam evisa. Remember that you need is to print and take the visa along with you.
An example of an official Vietnam visa
  1. How much is an e-visa for Vietnam?

Visa for Vietnam online fee per person is 25 USD. Therefore, you need to be careful to fill out the form carefully to avoid any uncertainties.

How much is an e-visa for Vietnam?

Although the visa processing time is normally three workin-days, it might take you longer due to Vietnamese vacation or an overload of applicants.

  1. Where to download Vietnam visa applications form online?

The release of e visa Vietnam would take three working days. Then, you can check if the visa is available by clicking the link, entering the registration code (provided verification code), email, and birthday for accessing allowance.

A visa for single entry

Remember to download your released Vietnam e-visa in the “.pdf” file. Then, you should prepare two copies of the visa for safety when entering or travelling in Vietnam. If you have already waited for three days and have not received an available visa yet, please contact Vietnam’s e-Visa Support.

  1. Some requirements to keep in mind when applying for Vietnam visa online

Read the following details carefully to make sure you understand the process.

  • Your current passport validity is at least 6 months following the date of arrival and contains at least two blank pages.
  • You need to prepare a passport size photo.
  • You also need a photo and copies of the passport personal data page.
  • Online payment for the Vietnam e-visa fee requires using credit cards except for the American Express card.

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Passport size photo requirement

  1. Some tips when applying for a Vietnam visa online simply and quickly

If you are in hurry and expect a quick e-visa process, here are the tips that you need to keep in mind to successfully apply for a Vietnam visa online:

  • Online visas are only used for tourists with a single entry. This type of visa is valid for 30 days.
  • Visa for Vietnam online fee is not refundable. Therefore, make sure that you provide sufficient and accurate information.
  • In case you want to change the point of entry in Vietnam, you have to apply for a new e-visa.
  • When you are in Vietnam, you can extend your Vietnam online visa.

Visa on arrival

Hopefully, those shared information would be useful for you in applying for a Vietnam e-visa. At the same time, wish you all the best experience when coming to visit Vietnam. If you have any concerns about the visa application in Vietnam, you can check out other posts to get more information or refering to contact the business directly for detailed advice:

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