Army ‘Psy Ops’ Expert Part Of Trump Team ‘Command Center’ To Overturn Vote: Report

Army ‘Psy Ops’ Expert Part Of Trump Team ‘Command Center’ To Overturn Vote: Report

Army 'Psy Ops' Expert Part Of Trump Team 'Command Center' To Overturn Vote: Report

A retired Army colonel who was an expert in psychological operations was part of a chilling Donald Trump team “command center” determined to overturn the legitimate presidential election victory of Joe Biden, The Washington Post reported Saturday.

Riveting new details about the plots at the Willard Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., uncovered by the Post reveal the military-like operation aimed at seizing control from American voters over who should occupy the White House.

“Some of [then] President Donald Trump’s most loyal lieutenants were working day and night with one goal in mind: overturning the results of the 2020 election,” the Post noted.

Key figures included Trump’s then personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, former White House strategist Steve Bannon, former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik, and law professor John Eastman, who “outlined scenarios for denying Biden the presidency” and “subvert[ing] the will of the voters” in an “Oval Office meeting on Jan. 4 with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence,” the Post reported.

“We had a war room at the Willard . . . coordinating all of the communications,” Eastman told talk show host Peter Boyles, which was first reported in the newsletter Proof.

“I believed until Inauguration Day that something could be done — that’s why the fight was still going on,” Kerik told The Post.

Phil Waldron, a retired Army colonel who specialized in psychological operations, led a team who provided Kerik with analyses of state data, which purported to show fraudulent voting, people familiar with activities at the Willard told The Post.

Waldron was also working closely with Russell Ramsland, a Texas Republican who had been spreading election-fraud conspiracy theories for months before the election, according to the Post.

Neither man responded to requests from the Post for comment.

On Jan. 2, Trump, Giuliani and Eastman spoke to 300 state legislators on a conference call, urging them to take action to “decertify” their election results. “You are the real power,” Trump told the state lawmakers, The Washington Examiner reported.

The day of the Jan. 6 insurrection, Trump tweeted to his followers breaching the Capitol: “We love you, you’re very special.”

Check out the entire Washington Post report here.

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