Avatar 2 Already Sounds So Much Better Than The First Movie

Avatar 2 Already Sounds So Much Better Than The First Movie

Few details are known about Avatar 2, but it’s shaping up to be even better than the original movie. Avatar takes place on the alien world of Pandora, inhabited by indigenous-coded blue aliens known as the Na’vi. Its sequel, originally planned for release in 2014, intends to offer a more complex story that gives more detail of both Pandora and the native people who live there.After years of work, James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is full of promise.

James Cameron’s Avatar is still the highest-grossing movie of all time, breaking several Box Office records following its release in 2009. Cameron originally started work on the movie in 1994, writing an 80-page treatment.  With that in mind, it’s understandable that Avatar 2 has also taken over a decade to make.

The story of Avatar 2 looks to be more detailed than its predecessor in nearly every way. While Avatar had a fairly straightforward narrative, the sequel promises complexity, with both human heroes and Na’vi villains. This added emotional depth should help elevate the movie above some of the original Avatar‘s less lauded aspects.

Avatar 2 will also prominently feature the oceans, with extensive sections of the story being both on Pandora’s beaches and underwater.

Another exciting thing about the new movie is the fact that it’ll show more detailed worldbuilding.

Some have even questioned whether Avatar 2‘s Box Office performance could even beat the original Avatar. While time will tell, the project remains undeniably exciting.

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