Award-Winning YA Horror Comic The Crows Gets English Translation

Award-Winning YA Horror Comic The Crows Gets English Translation

This April, Dark Horse Comics will bring to reader stateside The Crows, an English translation of the award-winning Swedish young adult graphic novel.

This upcoming April, Dark Horse Comics will bring an English translation of the award-nominated Young Adult horror comic The Crows to stores. This original graphic novel, which was originally published in Sweden, is a folk-horror story looking at themes of familial trauma and reconciliation. The Crows was written by Anders Fager with art by Peter Bergting; the book goes on sale in comic shops April 13, with a bookstore release on April 26.

The folk horror genre has seen a resurgence in popularity and interest over the past few years, thanks to films such as Midsommar and The Witch. The genre can trace its roots back to writers such as Shirley Jackson and films such as The Wicker Man; folk horror stresses the horrors that come with rural isolation, and often draw on local folklore and superstitions. The genre has become prominent in comics as well, thanks to works such as Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods and Double Walker, by Michael Conrad, Noah Bailey and Taylor Esposito. Last year, Swedish publishers Natur and Kultur published The Crows, a folk-horror graphic novel aimed at young adults. The book drew acclaim from the Swedish press and was nominated for a prestigious August Prize. Now, Dark Horse is bringing this international best-seller to American audiences, in a new English translation.


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Dark Horse Comics provided AIPT with a first look at The Crows, including the cover art, shared below. Billed as a “young adult horror-mystery graphic novel,” the story begins when Kim inherits a farmhouse in rural Sweden. Kim, constantly reminded of the monsters in the land and in her head, must content with her traumatic upbringing, embarking on a journey into darkness, a journey of self.

The Crows cover, showing a young woman with her back to an abandoned house

The folk horror resurgence of the past years is due in part to acclaimed movies such as Hereditary but also the stress and bustle of the modern world. Folk horror reminds readers that even in our modern world of smart phones and 5G, there are still ancient threats lurking in the rural areas so often overlooked. These works are the perfect vehicles for exploring not only themes of isolation, but trauma as well, and The Crows accomplishes this. The Crows was nominated for an August Prize, and in their notes, the jury said the themes of generational trauma are “depicted as never before.” The jury, along with numerous other critics, praised Fager’s writing and ability to create a text working on different levels, as well as Bergting’s art, calling it “evocative.”

The audience for folk horror is growing, and Dark Horse Comics is bringing The Crows, a young adult folk horror graphic novel, to fans in America, promising another definitive entry in the genre.

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