Baker Mayfield’s wife rips into so-called Browns ‘fans’ over QB hate

Baker Mayfield’s wife rips into so-called Browns ‘fans’ over QB hate

Baker Mayfield’s wife jumped on social media to defend her husband from Browns fans blaming him for Cleveland’s loss to the Chargers.

The relationship between players and fans can be tricky. The pendulum swings between praise and criticism are wild and unpredictable.

For Baker Mayfield, the switch flipped firmly to criticism on Sunday as the Browns lost to the Chargers during a 47-42 thriller.

Mayfield’s wife had a word for fans going after her husband on social media on Monday.

Baker Mayfield’s wife went after fans for hating on the Browns QB

“For all of you ‘fans’ who are blaming yesterday’s loss solely on Baker, wake up,” Emily Mayfield wrote on Instagram. “It was one hell of a game and that game could have gone either way. He left it all on the field.

“You truly don’t know what you have. I have watched him give his all and change the entire culture in CLE, yet he gets so little credit for it. He never asks for recognition and continues to carry the weight day in and day out, despite the hate. If you’re a true fan, SUPPORT our guys. Baker, and everyone else. The hate does NOTHING for them.”

Mayfield is right that Baker has turned the culture around in Cleveland. He’s helped build them into a playoff contender. He’s been a consistent performer for a franchise famous for its quarterback struggles over the last 20 years.

She’s also right that Mayfield shouldn’t shoulder all the blame for the loss in Los Angeles. His offense produced 42 points. While he ultimately fell short on the final drive, the defense dropped the ball well before that.

At the same time, it’s a fruitless endeavor to address fans venting on social media. Trolls are going to troll whether or not Emily Mayfield criticizes them for responding poorly to a loss. She’s fighting a losing battle here.


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