Beamon won the WBA-Fedecaribe belt over Farfan

Beamon won the WBA-Fedecaribe belt over Farfan

Dewayne Beamon won the World Boxing Association (WBA) Fedecaribe super flyweight title via unanimous decision over Jose Farfan last Friday in Barranquilla, Colombia.

The American had months of preparation on Colombia to conquer that belt and he achieved it after getting the judges score 88-83, 88-83 and 88-83 in a nine round bout.

It was not an easy fight for the 36-year-old veteran, because Farfan showed great desire and stood up to him. Beamon tried to take the upper hand throughout but the Venezuelan dodged well and tried to counter-attack to generate some very good exchanges that got the crowd off their seats.

However, as the rounds went by, Beamon looked more in control of the situation and the Venezuelan physical condition was decreasing, which the American took advantage of to hit hard and push his opponent back in the final rounds.

In the end, he got a victory in a disputed fight in which he did his best. His record stood at 21 wins, 4 setbacks, 2 draws and 15 knockouts, while Farfan dropped to 10 wins, 2 losses and 8 knockouts.

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