Bears leaked Matt Nagy report just to beat winless Lions

Bears leaked Matt Nagy report just to beat winless Lions

The Bears leaked Matt Nagy’s potential firing just to ‘galvanize’ the locker room ahead of a Thanksgiving matchup with the winless Lions.

If you need to put your head coach through what can only be described as a week of complete hell just to beat the Detroit Lions, then you’re managing your football team wrong. Yes, I’m talking directly to you, Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears front office.

Per Ian Rapoport, “amid a report about a potential firing, #Bears coach Matt Nagy gets a Thanksgiving W with a last-second FG. The hope was the report would galvanize the locker room. For this week, it all results in a win.”

Yay? Either the Bears are trying to spin Nagy’s perseverance in an attempt to keep him on board far longer than most fans would like, or they actually used the media to scare their head coach into winning football games. Either way it’s weird.

Bears need to fire Matt Nagy soon despite win

Beating the Lions is not an example of a team turning things around. If anything, the Bears won by pure luck, and the fact they were playing a squad less talented than them, and managed by the worst coach in the NFL. The fact Nagy’s crew needed a game-winning field goal to defeat the winless Lions is embarrassing in itself.

With the win, the Bears are now 4-7. They remain far removed from any semblance of an opportunity in the division or NFC Playoff picture. Meanwhile, Nagy is one of the worst coaches in the NFL and excruciatingly conservative as an offensive mind.

Don’t worry, Chicago. It’ll all be done soon.

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