The Best Tech Gifts for Happy Father’s Day in 2022

The Best Tech Gifts for Happy Father’s Day in 2022

Father’s Day lands on June 19th this year, so time is running out. There’s no need to panic, yet; you still have a little wiggle room to settle on the ideal gift for your dad.

If your dad keeps up to date on the latest tech, you’ll certainly find something on this list to please him. If he’s already got his eyes on the latest Samsung tablet or Fitbit watch, you can surprise him with a niche gift like the Analogue Pocket. Or, if your dad doesn’t know his laptops from his smartwatches, you can grab a leather skin for his phone. There’s a little something for everyone here, so let’s dive in.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Let’s be honest: Dads are hard to shop for. If your father is like most, he’ll tell you that he’s not picky, or that there’s no need for a gift at all. Luckily, dad’s tend to love practical gift and love easy tech. That’s where the Amazon Echo Show 15 comes in.

Amazon’s largest Echo Show clocks in at 15-inches and can be mounted or placed on an optional stand. It’s the perfect gift for dad’s who are interested in smart home tech. It’s also a gift he, and your mom, are sure to use for video chats.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is a brilliant gift if your dad is familiar with tablets. It strikes the sweet spot between cost and power, so while you’re paying a little more here, you won’t be breaking the bank. It’s a great option if he doesn’t need the full functionality of a laptop, but still wants a device to browse the web, watch videos, or play games in a comfortable environment.

Anker 757 Powerhouse

If your dad constantly finds himself draining his portable power bank, consider upgrading him to the Anker 757 Powerhouse. This isn’t a subtle device; it’s big and heavy and certainly can’t fit in your pocket. However, it’s portable enough to take on his next camping trick and offers ports for every device, from a single 12v DC car outlet to 4 12W USB-A ports. It’s also perfect for temporarily running appliances at home in case of a power outage.

TCL 55R646

Maybe your dad never misses a sports game or regularly settles down to stream the latest movies. The TCL 55R646 is the first TCL to include built-in Google TV, and it won’t break the bank. While other, more expensive TVs have crisp OLED screens, TCL’s LCD screen is more than enough for most people. It’s got all the parts you would expect from a modern TV, including 4 HDMI ports and a 4k screen.

Analogue Pocket

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