Bhumi Pednekar to speak to Harvard Universitys students about climate conservation

Bhumi Pednekar to speak to Harvard Universitys students about climate conservation

Bhumi Pednekar has always raised her concerns and voice, over protecting nature. She leads the widely recognised social media initiative Climate Warrior. She is a climate change advocate who considers climate conservation the need of the hour. Through her initiative Climate Warrior, she aims to bring the Indian citizens together for the cause of protecting the environment. The actor is now going to talk to the students of the prestigious Harvard University and will highlight why today’s youth has to raise their voice over climate change.Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi said, “Ever since I started Climate Warrior, my intent was to create as much awareness as possible around sustainability as a way of life and how climate change is going to impact all our lives. I wanted to reach out to as many people as possible on this in my country and also across the world. I’m happy to say that I can see people around me change slowly. It is heartening for me to see that people are paying attention to what can happen if we don’t address the issue of climate change and make small changes in their lives to conserve.”

Talking about speaking at an institution as prestigious as Harvard she said, “People across the world are rallying together to make a difference. I salute all these climate warriors as they try to save lives and this beautiful planet of ours. It is my honour to speak at Harvard University and discuss the issue of climate change with the youth of the world.”

Bhumi Pednekar

The actor further added, “It will be amazing to share how I have grown as a human being in my journey to be an advocate for climate protection. I would like to appeal to each and every citizen of the world to become climate warriors and Harvard University is a great platform to connect with the future of this world and urge them to also make a difference at their individual level.”

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