Blue Archive Kasuga Tsubaki Figure Preorder Details Revealed

Blue Archive Kasuga Tsubaki Figure Preorder Details Revealed

Popular gacha game Blue Archive is getting more and more merch in Japan, with a new figure by AniGift for Kasuga Tsubaki revealed, preorder opens this week.

Blue Archive is a mobile game mixing a military academy setting with cute girls & guns fighting monsters. It’s a pretty classic concept but incredibly effective, seeing how popular the game is on the Japanese side of Twitter. Those unaccustomed to otaku culture might believe only dudes play these types of games but that’s far from being the case. And you’d quickly notice so seeing the incredible among of Blue Archive female fan artists and cosplayers in Japan.

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Blue Archive‘s battle system is nearly fully automatic, so the main aspect of the game, unlike something like Genshin Impact, is collecting characters. Most of which have very revealing charadesigns, which contributed to the game’s popularity. And Kasuga Tsubaki is one of the most popular characters since the game’s release in early 2021, and one of the firsts to get a figure following Sorasaki Hina.

Blue Archive Kasuga Tsubaki AniGift figure preorder date and price

The preorders for the Kasuga Tsubaki figure will open on December 24 JST. A specific time should be announced through the AniGift Twitter account soon. A price was not officially announced yet either. The figure has no specific release date either, but if you’ve clicked on this article in the first place I’m sure you know this is normal. We’ll hear about it soon.

I’m sure you already have your own preferred shops to buy figures. If not, you should keep an eye on online shops with international shipping such as AmiAmi. It’s very likely they will start listing the Tsubaki figure on December 24 as well.

AniGift制作 ブルーアーカイブ[春日ツバキ ]

✨「春日ツバキ」をこの機会に是非お手元にお迎えください。#ブルーアーカイブ #ブルアカ #AniGift

— AniGift (@anigift7) December 21, 2021

Blue Archive is available in English with a global release launched on November 8, 2021, on iOS and Android.

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