Brendan and Victoria P. Take Heat for Pre-Show Relationships on ‘BiP’

Brendan and Victoria P. Take Heat for Pre-Show Relationships on ‘BiP’

Busted! Multiple pre-show relationships caused trouble during the Monday, August 23, episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Demi Burnett arrived with a date card, setting her sights on just the men. She felt immediate “sexual tension” with Brendan Morais, so she asked him on a date, which left Natasha Parker upset since they were somewhat coupled up. Although Demi and Brendan made out during their outing, he told her he wanted them to keep their opens option. Demi was caught off guard, but back at the beach, rumors were circulating that Brendan was holding out for Pieper James to arrive and the two were already dating before he came to Mexico.

When Demi and Brendan returned (separately), she learned of his romance with Pieper and confronted him about it. He claimed there was “no relationship” with Pieper, but Demi still felt played by him. Brendan then explained his side of the story to Natasha, telling her he didn’t know if Pieper would show up in Paradise and he felt the best connection with Natasha. Demi got even angrier when she saw Brendan and Natasha reunited, so she said she was done with him.

Victoria Paul, for her part, struggled to find someone she was interested in, but James Bonsall pursued her, so she pretended to be into him to get a rose. Tammy Ly alleged that Victoria already had a boyfriend back home and hoped to get him on the show since he is an aspiring country singer.

Tammy later told James about Victoria’s relationship, which Kelsey Weier also confirmed. Victoria denied that she was still dating the guy back home when James — whose name she kept forgetting — asked her about it. Victoria then got in a fight with Tammy and Kelsey and decided to leave ahead of the rose ceremony. “I don’t have to search for what I already have at home,” she admitted to the cameras.

Meanwhile, Jessenia Cruz and Ivan Hall strengthened their bond during a one-on-one date. “Coming off of [Matt James’] season, a lot of the aftermath essentially overshadowed what should have been a really special experience for all of us, especially for Matt, and really kind of started this conversation about people of color,” she said of the Chris Harrison controversy that led to his exit from the franchise. Jessenia and Ivan related to each other on the issue, and she believed she could fall in love with him.

During the cocktail party, Serena Chew tried to steal Aaron Clancy from Tammy, but Tammy was not threatened by their makeout. Tahzjuan Hawkins also confronted Victoria Larson for speaking to Tre Cooper, leaving the “goddess” in tears and calling Tahzjuan “crazy.”

New pairs — including Karl Smith and Deandra Kanu and James and Demi — formed during the rose ceremony, while Kelsey (after nearly passing out), Serena C. and Victoria L. went home.

Scroll through the gallery below to see where all the other couples stand after the second episode:

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