Bruce Arians: Antonio Brown suspension over fake vaccination card ‘pisses me off’

Bruce Arians: Antonio Brown suspension over fake vaccination card ‘pisses me off’

Bruce Arians told the press Friday that the NFL’s suspension of Antonio Brown undermines the Buccaneers’ work of handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

To say that Bruce Arians is unhappy with the suspension of Antonio Brown would be an understatement.

During Friday’s media conference, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians was asked for his thoughts on the punishment the NFL hand handed down to Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards.

“Obviously we had two guys suspended,” Arians got out through shrugs, “The League did their due diligence and we move on. I will not address those guys for the next three weeks and we will address their future at that time. Other than that, there’s really nothing to say.”

Video: Bruce Arians says he won’t discuss Antonio Brown or Mike Edwards until after their three-game suspensions are over. “We move on.”

— Greg Auman (@gregauman) December 3, 2021

He also added, “It pisses me off, but it is what it is.”

Bruce Arians’ anger justified as Antonio Brown drama follows WR everywhere

Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards are both being suspended for three games after the league investigated the Tampa Bay Times reports that Brown had submitted falsified vaccination cards to both the team and the league.

Both players, as well as the Buccaneers organization, had assured the league when the story was released that both players were vaccinated and they had already conducted a thorough investigation.

Bruce Arians himself even told Rich Eisen on “The Rich Eisen Show” that, concerning Brown’s potential fake vaccination care “It’s really no story… I don’t know how this story got going other than somebody wanted some money.”

However, the league concluded that there was a story and has handed out a three-week suspension to Antonio Brown. The Bucs will be without Brown for their games with the Falcons, Bills, and Saints, and will be eligible to return for the Week 16 game with the Panthers on Dec. 26.

Despite only playing five games this season, Brown currently has the Buccaneers’ third-most receiving yards this season, making him an extremely vital part of the offense.

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