Causes and Resolutions of QuickBooks Error Code H202

Causes and Resolutions of QuickBooks Error Code H202

In this article read the causes and how to fix this QuickBooks Multi-user Error H202 issue. The QuickBooks accounting software is diverse in terms of fulfilling the needs of accounting for diverse business organizations. The striking feature of multiuser mode allows many employees to work on the accounting software at the same time. Connecting with the team of QuickBooks accounting services is also easy for the users. Technical glitches are common in accounting software. This error cause of technical glitches is diverse and different error codes occur due to different reasons. The h series error of the accounting software is responsible for rejecting a user’s request to access a company file.

Most of the error codes of the H-series, error code H505 can be resolved using the same steps as discussed here in the blog. However, a few steps will usually vary depending upon the exact error code. A user may use either of the solutions to resolve the error code. What should be kept in mind while implementing them is that there are various reasons for the occurrence, so a single solution may not be effective and the user might have to try the other methods for resolving the error

QB stopped working?

Causes of QuickBooks Error H202

Error code H202 in QB Accounting occurs when QBDT is trying to establish a connection to the company file, but can’t communicate with the server.

Hosting configuration issue.
The firewall is blocking the server
QuickBooks is unable to read IP address your company file
Some file issues such as QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor aren’t running on the server computer.
The network data file (.ND) is corrupt or damaged.

Easy Solution of the QuickBooks Error H202

Solution-1: Check for Connectivity

Open the software application on all the system devices.
Go to the File menu of the software application.
Choose Utilities.
Click on Turn Off Hosting to select it.
Now go to the main device to perform the following steps.
On the keyboard, you should press the Windows button.
Type the command ‘This PC’.
Go to the left-hand side and find ‘Network’.
Check all the Networks are whether visible or not.
Now try pinging all the network stations.
Now ping the remote device showing error code H202.
To ping properly use the command ping[Name of the Remote Computer].

If the final step of the above list gets processed slowly then it indicates the presence of network glitches and the error must have been removed. Check if the error has been removed from the software. Proceed to the next solution if the QuickBooks error persists.

Solution-2: Utilize Connection Diagnostic Tool for QuickBooks

Open internet explorer.
Go to the official website and download QuickBooks Diagnostic Tools.
Install the software to use it.
Now open the software and run tools.
Scan the file folder of the Accounting software.
Keep a check of the IP address displayed.
Now go to the Firewall status section.
Active the open ports by clicking on them.
Implement the upcoming instructions.
Now go to the local computer and check for the error.

If the error does not resolve then you are needed to try getting a Firewall port to eliminate the issue effectively. Below is the list of firewall ports for different versions.

QuickBooks 2017 Firewall Ports – 3 ports
QB 2018 Firewall Ports – 3 ports
Accounting QuickBooks 2019 Firewall Ports – Automatic renewal of ports on arising of error.

Solution-3: Integrate Data into Windows Host File

Go to the C-drive of the remote device you are facing an error code.
Select Windows.
Find and select System 32.
Now choose the Drivers folder.
This will land you at the host file location.
Right-click on the host file.
Choose the option of ‘Open With’.
Move to the bottom of the page and find the IP address.
Now type the name of the server here.
Now save the changes made before closing it.

Solution-4: Change the name of .TLG &.ND File

Shut the accounting software on all the system devices.
Open the remote computer having an error code displayed in it.
Now click open the file you want to access.
Find and choose .TLG file that is concerned with the error.
Now right-click on it.
Choose the option of rename from the drop-down menu.
Add the word OLD before the name of the file.
Now find and select the .ND file related to the error code.
Rename the file by integrating OLD as a prefix.
Ensure to make similar changes in all the .TLG & .ND files.

However, certain error codes are usually persisting in nature and don’t get eliminated easily from the computer device. QuickBooks error helps service resolve them to give you a smooth experience of accounting software of QuickBooks. Get more information QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number Now.

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