Chet Hanks Says Growing Up As Tom Hanks’ Son Caused ‘Lot Of Contempt’

Chet Hanks Says Growing Up As Tom Hanks’ Son Caused ‘Lot Of Contempt’

Chet Hanks is the son of veteran actor Tom Hanks and he opened up about what it felt like to be the son of the legend.

His new YouTube channel, “Hanx Fit,” is a deeper version of what he shares on his Instagram, and in the video titled “The Truth About Growing Up As A Hanks,” Chet hid no details about his growing up.

With the frequent questions, he got about what it felt like to be Tom Hanks’s son, the actor opened up about his experience, leaving nothing out.

Chet Hanks Talks Insecurities While Growing Up As A Famous Actor’s Son

The musician had the same reply from then, and he said there were lots of advantages, but things could get a bit weird. Bush could relate because he also had a famous father.

In the YouTube video, Chet went on to say that he got to do a lot of cool stuff because of the privilege of having Tom as a father. He flew on private planes, traveled the world, and stayed in nice hotels.

According to UNILAD, Chet admitted that he wouldn’t change his experience for anything as he claimed he loves his parents and wouldn’t want any different life. The 31-year-old elaborated on fame and its power. He said:

“People are infatuated with fame; they put famous people on a pedestal. Everybody wants to be famous; it creates jealousy and lots of envy.”

Fame could be destructive, especially when people think it validates them. Chet admitted to being guilty of seeking validation from fame.

He stated that seeking validation from fame or others only increases a person’s misery, and the appropriate way to seek proper validation is from within yourself.

Chet wasn’t famous at a younger age; he was just the son of someone famous, and he hadn’t done anything that deserved recognition.

His parents never gave him an allowance if he didn’t work for it.

People already had their perceptions about him, and it was hard for him to relate with them. They messed with him by pretending to be interested in him, which made him tough.

He became hostile and angry because of his shame with being insecure about growing up with privilege. He felt he didn’t experience as much as the underprivileged kids did.

The Blast shared that he was pretty excited about the deal as he was reportedly the first rapper to get signed onto the new label, and Big Draco believed they would make history.

The “Empire” star believed he had the right not to get the vaccine.

Chet further urged people to get the vaccine for America’s sake.

The Blast previously reported that Chet’s parents, Tom and Rita Wilson, contracted COVID-19 in 2020 when they were in Australia.

It was pretty severe for the couple, but they pulled through. In celebration of their one-year post-infection, Wilson expressed gratitude for good health and medical care in Australia.

He also believed there was little evidence that the vaccine was healthy.

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