Chiefs pairing Josh Gordon with Patrick Mahomes might break the NFL

Chiefs pairing Josh Gordon with Patrick Mahomes might break the NFL

Josh Gordon landing with the Kansas City Chiefs would be the kind of cheat code move that might break the NFL Matrix.

With the reinstatement of Josh Gordon, hopefully permanently, we’re once again asking ourselves where his perfect fit is.

This happened when he came back to the Browns, and then again when he signed with the Seahawks. Maybe the third time is the charm for Gordon in terms of landing with a new team after his NFL reinstatement, and it could present a perfect pairing.

Imagine, if you will, the type of player Josh Gordon looked like he could be when he was on the straight-and-narrow but in the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

Who will sign Josh Gordon? The Chiefs, if they want to break the NFL

When Patrick Mahomes is your quarterback, breaking the NFL becomes a commonly attached phrase to your potential free agent moves.

The Chiefs have essentially already broken the NFL with the pieces they have, so any further additions — especially someone of Gordon’s potential ability — feels like an unfair cheat code being entered.

But the Chiefs are in a position to create an ideal win-win scenario for Gordon and for themselves.

Adding Gordon as a potential home run threat alongside Tyreek Hill would give the Chiefs a devastating lateral attack. Consider that they already have a deadly lateral attack with weapons like Hill, Travis Kelce, Mecole Hardman, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Mahomes has the ability to turn just about anyone with a pulse into a threat to burn a defense, and giving him Gordon to tool around with feels unfair, especially when he’s out there running around the secondary with Hill giving defensive backs vertigo.

Kansas City’s offense speaks for itself, but it’s now being compared to what proved to be a superior one in Tampa Bay. While the Chiefs have weapons, and an offensive guru in Andy Reid, the Buccaneers have wider offensive potential.

It’s Tampa Bay, not the Chiefs, who have present the too many mouths to feed issue for fantasy owners. Whether it’s Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Leonard Fournette, Rob Gronkowski, or Antonio Brown — you get the idea.

Adding Josh Gordon to the offensive mix in Kansas City makes an already hard to solve puzzle even more difficult to figure out. Good teams like the Bucs, Bills, and Ravens might find ways to defensively scheme their way into tight contests despite the fire power, but the rest of the NFL would be even more helpless than it already is against the powerful Chiefs offense.

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