Chucky Episode 5 Release Date, Time, & Preview Revealed

Chucky Episode 5 Release Date, Time, & Preview Revealed

Episode 5 of the Chucky TV show is close to its official release, and here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming episode’s release schedule.

After 2017’s Cult of Chucky movie, the monstrous doll is back to haunt the Hackensack town. Chucky was able to manipulate Jake Wheeler for the first few episodes. After constant bullying, Jake was ready to kill Lexy; however, it was Chucky who wanted to do the dirty work. Fortunately, Jake comes back to his senses after realizing that he is not a murderer.

Finally, Lexy and Jake team up to get rid of Chucky, and interestingly, Devon learns about the doll on his own. Now, everyone is eager to discover how these three children will win the fight against a supernatural killer doll.

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Chucky Trailer – Syfy



Chucky Trailer – Syfy





When Does Chucky Episode 5 Come Out?

Release Date

Episode 5 of Chucky is scheduled to come out on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021.

The show is exclusive to USA Network and Syfy, so make sure you have these channels in your cable plan. You can also watch all episodes of the show on Syfy’s official website after logging in with your cable network.

Release Time

New episodes of Chucky airs on Syfy and USA Network at 10 PM EDT (Eastern Timing). But of course, the release timing will vary depending on your time zone. Anyway, here’s the exact timing of episode 5 for these regions:

Pacific Timing: 7 PM PDTCentral Timing: 9 PM CSTEastern Timing: 10 PM EDTBritish Timing: 3 AM BSTMore: Will The ‘Antlers’ Movie be Streaming Online?

Chucky Episode 5 Preview

According to the official synopsis, the next Chucky episode is titled “Little Little Lies.” The episode will kick off with Devon, Jake, and Lexy thinking they got rid of Chucky. However, Lexy will find out that her father has gifted a doll to her sister that looks similar to Chucky. Also, we might see some allies and enemies from Chucky’s past appearing in Episode 5.

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