Controversial Singer Angella Katatumba Reveals Secret Why Men Still Crave For Her Although She Did Not ‘Pull’ 

Controversial Singer Angella Katatumba Reveals Secret Why Men Still Crave For Her Although She Did Not ‘Pull’ 

Singer Angella Katatumba has shocked her followers after blatantly revealing  that she is ” team Peace Mutuuzo” ( did not visit the bush)!

The songbird has in the recent months become a media favorite thanks to tons of controversial statements she makes while appearing for interviews.

Early last year, she made news after openly lamenting she had lost the love of her life in fellow singer, producer and song writer Andrew Ojambo, aka Daddy Andre after the latter refused to take an HIV test.

In a separate interview, she said she was not bothered by the news of Daddy Andre’s relationship with another singer Nina Kankunda alias Nina Roz since she already had a string of suitors from men of all caliber.

This week however, Katatumba revealed that she had not taken trouble to pull ( visiting the bush) and she is not bothered because she has other alternatives that would still keep men around her.

Speaking to Sanyuka TV’s Senga Nantume, the “Tonerabila” hitmaker trolled fellow women who pride in “pulling”, challenging them to name whats so special that they have gained as compared to her who did not pull.

” I didn’t “pull. What’s so special with those who pulled as compared to us who didn’t pull?” She asked her host.

Katatumba said she is concentrating on making her money as she is sure money would glue a man around more effectively than ” pulling.”

” Let them waste their time on pulling as we make money,” she said.

” I have seen many women who pulled very well but they are also crying. Men dumped them. It makes me skeptical on whether it’s really “pulling” that keeps a man,” Katatumba further protested.

The songstress’s comments will serve to pile controversy on her already controversial stead especially from her Buganda compatriots who treat “pulling” as a very important custom demanded of any woman.

Last year, Junior Minister for Labour and Social Developement Peace Mutuuzo spurred a public storm from the Baganda when she suggested that communities should preach against the custom as it demeans the integrity of women.

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