Cowboys got screwed out of TD by refs with no review (Video)

Cowboys got screwed out of TD by refs with no review (Video)

The Dallas Cowboys may have gotten screwed out of a touchdown by the referees during Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

It is a Sunday, which means an NFL on-field official probably made a questionable call during a game. For Dallas Cowboys fans, they would like to report what they felt was an egregious non-review by the referees during their matchup against the New England Patriots.

On third-and-goal in the first half, quarterback Dak Prescott ran the ball up the middle to try and get in the end zone. The officials said he did not, forcing a fourth-and-goal. They were so confident that Prescott was stopped short, that they did not even go to a review.

You be the judge on whether you think Prescott was stopped short or if he broke the plane.

Things go from bad to worse for Cowboys one play later

The Cowboys decided to go for the touchdown on fourth down. Prescott leapt above his offensive line and looked destined to get the nose of the ball over the goal line. Instead, Patriots linebacker Ja’Whaun Bentley punched the ball out of Prescott’s hands before breaking the plane, which was recovered in the end zone by linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

The NFL Officiating Twitter account responded in regards to the third-and-goal play, saying that there was “no clear and obvious evidence to overturn the ruling” based off the camera angles that were available to them.

On the third down play, the ruling on the field was DAL 4 was short of the goal line. After looking at all the available angles, there was no clear and obvious video evidence to overturn the ruling. #DALvsNE

— NFL Officiating (@NFLOfficiating) October 17, 2021

Not the ideal series of events for the Cowboys, who were looking to take a halftime lead over the Patriots in New England. However, the Cowboys did take the lead on their second drive of the second half, where Prescott connected with wide receiver CeeDee Lamb in the back of the end zone on a one-yard touchdown.

Even though the league office did respond to the controversial call, it may not be good enough for the Cowboys fans who believe that was indeed a touchdown.

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