Crewel embroidery the most popular embroidery style in the US

Research finds crewel is the most popular style of embroidery in US.

A study by embroidery design suppliers Design Bundles has found that the most popular style of embroidery in the US is crewel.

In recent years, designers like DiorGucci, Raf Simons, and Virgil Abloh have all featured embroidered patches in their clothing lines and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have increased embroidery’s popularity even further.

What are the top 5 embroidery styles in the US?

According to the study, here’s how many times each embroidery style was searched for in the US in an average month:

Rank Embroidery style Searches 
1 Crewel embroidery 4,400
2 Applique embroidery 2,400
3 Bead embroidery 1,900
4 Blackwork embroidery 1,300
5 Sashiko embroidery 880

How are the different styles of embroidery used?

Crewel embroidery

Today it is most commonly used to decorate garments.

The term “applique” originates from the Latin word for “I apply” and involves sewing or sticking different shaped pieces of fabric onto a larger piece of fabric to create a picture or pattern.

Bead embroidery

Bead embroidery dates back thousands of years. It’s always been used to decorate clothes and other textiles like curtains and bed sheets and – more recently – handbags, trainers and baseball caps.

What are some common embroidery


Running stitch

The easiest stitch for embroidery beginners is the running stitch. Back stitch

A versatile and useful stitch, it can be seen in most designs.

Chain stitch

A series of loop stitches that form a chain-like pattern, it’s ideal for creating thick lines.

Cross stitch

Nowadays, you’re more likely to see it framed and hung on the wall as a piece of art.

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