Demi Comes Between Kenny and Mari on ‘BiP’ as Multiple Romances Implode

Demi Comes Between Kenny and Mari on ‘BiP’ as Multiple Romances Implode

A hurricane of drama! Relationships fell apart all over the beach during the Monday, August 30, episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Chasen Nick and Chris Conran arrived with a double date card. Jessenia Cruz was excited to see Chris because he and Ivan Hall were the two men she wanted to meet. Ivan was confident in his relationship but Jessenia surprised him when she agreed to go out with Chris. Chasen, meanwhile, asked Deandra Kanu to join him.

The foursome did intimacy exercises during the outing, which quickly bonded Chris and Jessenia. They ended up kissing after she revealed that she had a spark with Chris that she was missing with Ivan. When they returned from the date, Jessenia told Ivan that they could not overcome their lack of chemistry, so they broke up.

Karl Smith was upset that Deandra went on the date too, but he tried to impress her when she came back by giving her a charm bracelet. She appreciated the gift, but Chasen interrupted them multiple times, creating tension.

Elsewhere on the beach, Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin discovered that they were not on the same page, so she told him she wanted to be open to going on dates with other men. He retorted that he should be allowed to pursue his options too, secretly fearing that she did not feel as strongly about him as he did about her. Mari confided in Demi Burnett about her conversation with Kenny, so Demi immediately went after him. They made out on a daybed in front of Mari, who was in tears over the betrayal.

Demi later presented Kenny with a birthday cake since he celebrated turning 40 in quarantine. The stunt angered Mari so much that she threw the cake in the bonfire. Mari told Demi she was Kenny’s “second option” after he told the group Mari was the person he most wanted to sleep with on the beach. Mari then hoped to clear up her misunderstanding with Kenny, but they just talked in circles so he decided it was better if they called it quits. Kenny later went to the boom-boom room with Demi.

Following Maurissa Gunn’s date with Riley Christian, Connor Brennan offered to set up a DIY date for them. Maurissa kept repeating, “We’ll see,” so Connor was blindsided when Tahzjuan Hawkins informed him that Maurissa stayed overnight with Riley in the boom-boom room. He wished she had been honest with him and realized they were over when she spent the rest of the day coupled up with Riley.

Joe Amabile later took Serena Pitt on a date, during which they discussed their past relationships. He assured her that if his ex Kendall Long showed up in Paradise, his romantic feelings for her were gone. Serena and Joe agreed about wanting to leave the beach in a serious relationship. She felt they were progressing steadily, while he said he was all in.

Natasha Parker, meanwhile, struggled with the physical side of her connection with Brendan Morais. Guest host Lance Bass urged her to get her first kiss with Brendan out of the way, so she massaged him and they finally locked lips. She thought they were moving in the right direction after the big step.

In other drama, Aaron Clancy believed he and Tammy Ly were solid until she made out with Thomas Jacobs in front of him. Ahead of the rose ceremony, Thomas and Aaron fought because Aaron believed his foe orchestrated the moment to be disrespectful. The episode ended as Tammy arrived to break up the argument.

Scroll through the gallery below to see where the couples stand after the fourth episode:

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