Dems Dropped $4M in Abortion-Themed TV Ads against Youngkin

Dems Dropped $4M in Abortion-Themed TV Ads against Youngkin

The media reported that Virginia would be a big test for abortion politics but went silent about the results when Democrats failed.


n his losing gubernatorial campaign, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe ran hard on the issue of abortion, hammering Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin in speeches, debates, and TV ads.

“Abortion, schools take center stage in Virginia governor’s election ad wars,” CNBC reported on October 22. “Three of McAuliffe’s most expensive ads,” CNBC reported, “have attacked Youngkin for his abortion stance.”

It’s been clear since September 1, when the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect, that McAuliffe put abortion front and center in his campaign, but we hadn’t seen a comprehensive accounting of just how much money was spent against Youngkin on the issue of abortion.


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