Ed Reed calls out NFL, Jon Gruden with Trump comparison

Ed Reed calls out NFL, Jon Gruden with Trump comparison

Ed Reed compares Jon Gruden’s resignation as the Las Vegas Raiders head coach to the tumultuous Presidency of Donald Trump.

It is an ongoing process, but NFL legend Ed Reed is not buying the fact that only Jon Gruden was at fault when it comes to the email scandal that cost the former Las Vegas Raiders head coach his job.

“Of course, because there’s more involved. There’s more people involved, so why would we just take it out on [Jon] Gruden?” said Reed to FanSided‘s Matt Verderame and Mark Carman on Stacking the Box.

Reed would go on to make a comparison to former United States President Donald Trump when it comes to the Gruden email scandal.

“We had a President before this President who was doing all that type of stuff that Jon Gruden did. He didn’t get fired. But we have so many other emails, and so many people attached to those emails.”

“It shouldn’t be just Gruden because stuff is not hidden anymore.”

Here is the entire interview with Reed.

Ed Reed blasts NFL on Jon Gruden email scandal with Donald Trump comparison

Reed’s point is for the amount of emails that were exchanged, it could not have been only Gruden in the wrong. While this developing scandal could involve other teams, it most prominently features the Washington Football Team at the epicenter, as well as the Raiders by association with Gruden. Keep in mind that he was working as an analyst for ESPN at the time of these emails.

Ultimately, the first wave of this feels like an attempt to put the entire blame on Gruden, though we all know better than this. Surely, there is something especially damning from these emails on the Washington side of things. Once those details come to light, hopefully, the NFL will act accordingly and not do the shameful thing of protecting an owner who should probably be ousted.

Ed Reed spoke with FanSided on behalf of Crown Royal and the Kick Off with Crown Royal.

The Kick off with Crown Royal program is the latest installment of the brand’s year-long commitment to donate $1 million dollars via the Crown Royal Generosity Fund, a donor advised fund, to national and local charities. 

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