Fortnite Winterfest – How To Travel With Icy Feet & How To Get Icy Feet

Fortnite Winterfest – How To Travel With Icy Feet & How To Get Icy Feet

A brand new quest for Fortnite Winterfest 2021 has arrived and requires players to travel 200m with icy feet. But how exactly do you get icy feet in Fortnite Chapter 3?

For those confused about the brand new Fortnite quest, we’ve put together everything you need to know so you can complete it as quickly as possible and receive the lucrative reward afterwards.

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Fortnite | Chapter 3 Season 1 Overview Trailer



Fortnite | Chapter 3 Season 1 Overview Trailer





How To Get Icy Feet In Fortnite Chapter 3

As mentioned previously, the new Winterfest Quest for Day 4 of the event requires players to complete the following challenge: “Travel while having icy feet (200)”. Once you complete the new quest, you will receive a total of 18,000 XP.

So, how exactly do you get icy feet and how can you travel 200m with them? Well, you’ll need to locate a Chiller Grenade first, details of finding one can be found further down this article, and simply throw it towards your feet to give your character icy feet.

We recommend giving yourself icy feet with the chiller grenade at the top of a mountain or hill, as you will then be able to slide down it with speed and easily travel a distance of 200m before your icy feet disappear.

You’ll know when you’ve travelled far enough as a notification will appear informing you that the quest has been completed. You can also select ‘Quests’ from the main lobby screen to track your progress for all Winterfest 2021 quests.

❄️Winterfest is here!❄️ 

Hop in now for snowy gameplay, chilling new quests, 
and Crackshot’s Cabin full of presents to unwrap just for you!

Ready your spider-senses as we welcome Spider-Man and 
MJ from the new movie: No Way Home to the Island SOON.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) December 16, 2021READ MORE: Fortnite Cozy Lodge Location & How To Warm Yourself At The Yule Log

Fortnite Chiller Grenade Locations & How To Find

Unfortunately, there’s no set location that players can find Chiller Grenades. This item spawns in chests or as standard floor loot, so simply drop into a spot that has plenty of chests around and eventually you’ll drop lucky and find a Chiller Grenade from a chest or laying around on the ground.

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