Google is testing a fake search bar in the Discover feed

Google is testing a fake search bar in the Discover feed

Discover, an integral part of Pixel Launcher and the Google app, acts as your one-stop hub for all your interests. After noticing that many users read an article on Discover and then switch to the main Search app to find related content, Google decided to make this search journey smoother. They are currently testing a new user interface component that offers a direct launchpad for your queries within the Discover feed itself. This means you can seamlessly explore more about the topics you discover without having to switch between apps. How convenient is that!

In June, Google introduced a beta test with a nifty addition to Discover – a faux search bar right above the recommended articles. This clever feature encourages you to embark on a journey of real discovery right from there! It’s much more convenient than having to open up Google Search separately to pursue your train of thought. And now, in the latest beta version of the Google app that powers the Discover feed, 9to5Google has spotted yet another exciting test!

Imagine this: a clever faux search bar appears right above the recommended articles in Discover. But wait, there’s more! This nifty feature also includes the search query text related to the article you’re interested in. So, with just a tap, you’ll be taken to Google Search results for that query without the hassle of typing it out yourself. It’s like having a shortcut to more information at your fingertips!

You know how on Google News, there’s the Full Coverage option that lets you explore different perspectives from various publications on a topic? Well, this new feature is even better! It redirects you to Google Search, where you can access a treasure trove of content like videos, news articles, search results, and shopping links. It’s like unlocking a whole world of information right from the Discover feed. How cool is that!

When you tap the faux search bar, it instantly whisks you away to the Search results for the suggested query. It’s like magic!

Keep in mind, though, that this feature is currently exclusive to the Discover feed in the latest Google app beta. So, there’s no definite timeline for when it might become available in the stable version of the app, if at all. Since it’s still in the beta phase, Google might make some changes to how it looks and works before rolling it out to a broader audience. But hey, that’s what beta testing is all about – refining things and making them even better!

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